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Author Topic: Clockwatching and time wasters  (Read 466 times)

Offline star69

 What are the above methods you have encountered from prossies ? I know there is a thread on UKP Wikipedia buy here are a few of mine:

- Wearing a watch
- Wasting time by unnecessary conversation
- Taking time to stash the cash
- Taking time to undress
- Clamping the pussy around the cock
- Wasting time by prolonging oral orgasm
- The 10 minute warning from Sergei or someone outside the room which basically kills the mood.
- Delaying the start time by saying that they are not ready.

 Needless to say prossies are a cunning bunch, have not come across a genuine one who is decent enough to realise that we are the ones paying her bills and show some gratitude.
Banning reason: Previously banned obsessive sad cunt who keeps creating accounts (crazytrain)

Now we're all friends here OP would you mind settling a wager I have got with another poster.

They reckon you have been banned 3+ times on here I reckon it's under 3 times

Offline star69

 Just read you other posts u seem to have a fixation on new  posters on the forum, I don't know what for. Don't have a fucking clue what banning is all about, have not bothered to read it. As for your wager, save it for your mum.
Banning reason: Previously banned obsessive sad cunt who keeps creating accounts (crazytrain)

well that's answered my question.

And mum jokes please. Come up with a better retort.

It just you have a very very similar posting style to our old friend deepstroker. He liked inane questions and had used the same verbiage as your good self.

Maybe your genuine time will tell

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