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Author Topic: Delilah - Premium  (Read 1086 times)

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My experience was almost exactly like @Philbiao1'x review

Location: Heaton Flat - Quirky in a free spirited, hippy vibe sort of way
(I don't know the correct way to describe it)

NOTE: Be careful, I must have banged my head 7-8 f**king times on her chandelier thingy  :lol:

Presentation: Great girl, fantastic body. Dressed in a sexy pair of shorts and a basque-thingy
Looks-wise: Alt for sure, she reminded me of a young Courtney Love
She had a medium case of 70's bush, which I must admit I'm not keen on.

Hygiene I make a point of asking the girl to be super shower fresh, because foreplay is the most fun part for me.
I don't want to say anything negative because I had such a great time, but honestly, she could have been a 'little' fresher  :blush:

The Event: Quiet and shy at first, but she straddled me and started to kiss my face off.
She moved her way down to my sad little man, made friends with him... then basically devoured it with gusto!

Wet, Sloppy, Tireless, Fantastic!  I've never visited a sub before, I'm too polite for that sort of thing...
I think I might need to see her again, once I understand the rules, it might give me more confidence with her! lol

Tried sex in a few positions which was okay, but went back to her enthusiastic oral, that's where the magic is! lol

Would I return..... I think I would!
If she shaved that 70's bush I'd go back a lot more! lol  :hi:
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Offline Looking4fun

Entertaining review I think?

 :timeout: :timeout: :timeout:

Reading back my review, it doesn't reflect what I was trying to say (I couldn't edit it)  :dash:

Forgive me guys, I fucked up the review!  Can I start again?  :drinks:

I would like to make it perfectly clear Delilah was amazing, in every sense of the word!
I have OCD and like a strong smell of soap, but Delilah was VERY clean and tidy and a pleasure to go down on!!!
I should have made that clearer!!! For f**k sake  :D

She does have a small tidy pubic area, and it was a nice change to see.
A 70's Bush was a poor choice of words, and not the way I meant to describe it... it sounded more innocent in my head.
It was actually quite lovely   :rose:

Sorry for any confusion in my initial post. Chaps!
Go see Delilah you will definitely not be disappointed! 
I would bet possibly the best ORAL SPECIALIST in the North East! :wacko: 

Premium has discovered another STAR!!!
In a nut shell, the girl is not to be missed, it was an experience I have never had before, and would encourage you to see her, you will have an amazing time with her!  And YES I will certainly be going back! 

:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

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Offline chriss1985

She could suck a medicine ball through a hosepipe
Banning reason: White-knight

She could suck a medicine ball through a hosepipe
She could suck the colour out of a marble!  :yahoo: :drinks:

Bet she can't suck like the England squad though!

Offline Looking4fun

Bet she can't suck like the England squad though!
Best one yet haha

Bet she can't suck like the England squad though!

Best one yet haha

You got me... that made me chuckle  :lol:

Full marks for 'Topical Wit'!  :hi:

EDIT:  But aren't the England Squad good at sucking???
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Offline chriss1985

She doesnt spill a drop

The poor neighbours man i screamed like a girl
Banning reason: White-knight

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