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Author Topic: Fit young babe 19  (Read 1768 times)

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Offline bigmike32

Went through her profile and it seems absolutely genuine. Plus she has a review on here confirming everything on her profile. I want to fuck her but she doesnt have any prices listed on her profile.

Offline dougal

Does bareback but not unsafe sex? :thumbsdown:

Offline bigmike32

That is a bit weird but i think she will realise in time and take it off her list.

Offline nestor

Banning reason: Previously banned (rayday)

I saw this profile picture a few months ago, advertising with a different name though. During the same period of time there was another profile with pictures of a brunette in the same flat/house. They "supposedly" offered a duo service but their numbers were never published and my emails were never responded to. Most likely fake PG scam but this is only my 2pence worth as I came off adultwork for a while after and never followed up with them.

Yeah I remember the profile too a few months ago. Girl was from Liverpool too and main pic taken with same background

Offline bigmike32

When i emailed her i got a reply straight away saying she is off for a days so i replied and got the exact same message again. She has a review on here from a known member so im guessing shes genuine or was when she started out.

Offline auldie63

Wouldn't be surprised if she's just parking her profile while on a break.
Seem to remember seeing this profile before and that she was well overpriced.

What's hard to believe about her?

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