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Author Topic: Yasmine James Lucy summers  (Read 1615 times)

I see 2 babestation girls are working in the area only £500 hour ?!


scamed me for £50 "deposit" a few years ago naive I know !

tried booking her again and guess what she wants a "deposit"  ;)

convo via e mail went like this:-
happy to book you but you had a £50 deposit off me 2years ago but you went quiet n never turned up"
"oh really when was that"
I then e mailed a copy of bank transfer receipt
"oh you sure that wasn't for petrol deposit"
"no don't think you said that at time"
"ok well we will call that a petrol cost this time if you transfer £100 deposit for booking"

must think punters stupid !!!

Offline Islander

Take a photo of £500 cash on the day's newspaper with the date visible and send it to her.
Tell her that's as close as she'll get unless she turns up.
If she's genuine I can't see any reason why she'd doubt you are not.

Someone posted on the Babeshows forum about Lucy Summers scamming them out of money for a 'custom' video which she then never did.  Seems to be par for the course with her.

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