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Author Topic: Classy#Babe (Bracknell)  (Read 1373 times)

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Location - One of the better Hiltons near Bracknell, there was a wedding party outside with some hot young birds in attendance, couldn't take my eyes off  :D

Anyway proceeded from this distraction on to the room. Pretty sure it is not the girl in the pics but what the heck, the switch was damn hot! Facially pretty (I know it is subjective) but I do love a raunchy look on some of these Romanian WGs. Firm toned body, only downside was her tits were not as firm. Dressed in sexy black lingerie, didn't dodge DFK even before the cash was exchanged...always a good sign! Paid 70 for 30 minutes.

Some more DFK, then with oral, I asked for without, took it nice and deep, loved watching her take my cock in the well-positioned mirror. Then onto 69, sweet tasting pussy, responded well to some clit stimulation as I could feel her clenching and grinding her pussy against my face! Spent a good while in 69, then on with the rubber. Started pounding her in doggy, then moved in front of the mirror, was a sight to behold, watching taking her from behind. Then onto cowgirl, rode me hard, enjoyed sucking those tits, only wished they were firmer. Next fucked her hard in missionary and finally when I came inside her, I believe she came as well as I could feel her convulsing  :kiss:

In summary well worth the £70, I now feel should have stayed longer as she is extremely easy-going and has a great attitude, unlike some of her country cousins :lol:

1 review(s) found for _CLARA_ linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

In the Shetland Islands today  :unknown: that's not a location I've seen listed before
Makes me suspicious

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