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Author Topic: Mature Passionate Mansfield  (Read 1065 times)

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Offline Turtle Z

https://www.adultwork.com/2566983  https://www.adultwork.com/Mature%5FPassionate

I've not really punted for a while  due to a fairly awful bug, that left me as my Gran used to say, shitting through the eye of a needle. Anyway I booked a half hour with Julia today, she's got fairly good reviews on here and she's the more mature milf type that I prefer.  She's in a flat near the Mansfield Jewsons and I wasn't surprised when she gave me the address, I've been to these blocks on at least three occasions and Julia tells me there are WG's in other flats there, the landlord seems to be fine with it, hence their popularity, plus, there no problem parking and discreet access.
Julia's got a nice disposition, very friendly, chatty and smiley and she was pretty much how I expected her to be, she's quite small, I wouldn't describe her as attractive or unattractive, she's ok looking, almost flat chested and has a fit, athletic body, in fact some of the muscle development in her arms would lead me to think she's something of a fitness fanatic, but perhaps it's all the vigorous hand jobs.  :unknown:

She walked in after depositing the cash with her mobile phone and was setting up some music to play but this didn't stop her reaching behind and feeling my cock, game on. What followed was a very enthusiastic session of OWO, 69, arse fingering (hers not mine), mish, cowgirl and reverse cowgirl before she wanked/finished me off with cim.  All in all a very enthusiastic session delivered by a girl with a great attitude who I feel sure could fuck for England, well Poland actually. She offered me use of the shower before starting, which I declined as I'd already showered.

On the downside, she was rather more flat chested that I'd anticipated. Give me a small breasted girl with natural tits over a large breasted girl with fake tits any day of the week, but there was just nothing there, just two rather nice nipples to play with. Also, I was looking at the bed cover thinking, that looks well used. Don't get me wrong it didn't look dirty, but neither did it look clean and fresh and I'm guessing several punters had used it that day before me. Generally speaking, the flat's very clean and nice but I'd describe the bedroom as functional, rather than warm and inviting. I have no hesitation in giving Julia a positive but whilst she has a great body I wasn't really feeling it, despite her enthusiasm, and there was certainly no spark that would prompt me to return but it's a very personal thing. In most respects she delivers a great enthusiastic service. There was another girl in the flat, I assume a working girl. On the way out Julia opened the bathroom door not realising her flat mate was in there and rather embarrassingly for her, I caught sight of her having a shit as I walked past.   :D I did catch sight of a big pair of tits though (draped), anyone know who the other girl is?

Probably worth mentioning that she only expects to be in Mansfield for around another week before moving on to Leicester.
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7 review(s) found for Petite&Passionate linked to in above post (7 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

I've always fancied receiving a blow job from a girl whilst she's sat on the shitter having a dump. I wonder whether her mate would do that.

Offline Turtle Z

I've always fancied receiving a blow job from a girl whilst she's sat on the shitter having a dump. I wonder whether her mate would do that.

Why... Do you think she'll suck harder as she's squeezing a shit out?  :unknown:

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