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Author Topic: Robbed in Southampton  (Read 1604 times)

Offline kamu

The girls profile is in viva street:


Booked her for an hours outcall. All services ageed by phone and text for £140. She turned up about 30 minutes late and seemed a bit moody. Brought her through to the bedroom and handed over the money. At this point she said she needed to take the money to her driver and she would be back. Of course at this point i should have taken my money back and kicked her out but she was absolutely stunning and its safe to say it was difficult to think with my head with her standing in front of me. I said how can i trust that you wont take the money and dissappear? She said this was always how she worked. I said ok so leave your phone here so i knew she would be back (was one of the newer smart phones so would have been able to recoup the money back from that). She said she needed it to call the agency; so I said sorry im not doing that and took the money back. I think she realised at this point she wasnt getting all the money so she said she could take half now and the rest at the end of the booking to see if the driver would accept that. I stupidly agreed and gave her 60 back. She then asked me to pour her a glass of water for when she came back and left. I then watched out the window as she got into the passenger seat of a beat up old Navy coloured BMW (didnt get the plate) and drive straight off. Tried calling several times but was cut off each time so left a text saying i would pass her number and details to the police (although i havent and probably wont as I could end up shooting myself in the foot).

Been punting a couple of years now and thought i had wised up to this sort of crap but just a sucker for stunning blondes i guess! Needless to say i wont make that mistake again. I think I will just have to take it on the chin and be thankful i didnt give her all the money.

After doing a bit of digging i see she also has other profiles. Listed below:

https://www.adultwork.com/3146470 or https://www.adultwork.com/Ruby+sweetlove


I thought i would share this experience to hopefully save somebody else from making the same mistake!
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Offline Lewis

Make a booking with her on AW, then leave her negative or "feedback only" along with a brief summary that she robbed you.

By the looks of it she's not responded back to the other comments made about her, nor left anyone feedback in return.

If nothing else it'll give someone else the heads up that she's a scammer.

Offline oring123

do a review with her name in title
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She is still listed on AW. Maybe you should report her to AW?

Offline Ben4454

Sorry to hear you were robbed.

More people should read my 'scams thread' i created some time ago as it has the basic outlines of every scam out there

-- this one is included.
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Offline nestor

She is still listed on AW. Maybe you should report her to AW?

waste of time unless you get a police incident report
Best to just create a 15 minute booking online for a very close time (say the next 30 mins) and once the booking has expired, update the notes with relevant comments. It won't count on her "score" as the booking won't be completed, but the text will be visible
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Online Cunning Punt

Thanks for the warning. While it's still £60, well done for having the presence of mind for taking most of the money back.

With these thieving prossies and their minders around, this is another reason not to do outcall to one's own home, in my opinion.

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