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Author Topic: Cutie Carla new  (Read 557 times)

https://www.adultwork.com/3120755 or https://www.adultwork.com/Cutie+Carla+new

Has anyone seen this girl yet?? No reviews on here or AW ive searched the number, tineye'd her picture all come up clean.

just find it weird someone as hot as she is has been on AW since august last year and i cannot find anything anyone has to say about her

Offline billyjo

There's a huge number of new profiles that keep popping up in Dudley similar to the profile above.  The rates on these profiles are all the same, 15 min for £35 and an hour for £80.  They all have bareback in the likes list.  None of the profiles are verified. 

Her profile is showing verified, but it looks she checked everything on the "likes" list, which I normally interpret as a fake profile where when the punter shows up, the girl says "I don't do ...." and/or the girl is completely different to the one in the picture.  She is cute though.

Offline bod666

Romanian barebacker with zero reviews on aw? & you find that strange? It's more rare to find a romanan wg with any positive genuine reviews at all!
Swerve all the time.

Offline getonit

At 6' 5" she should be playing in the WBBL , not sure which team but the Leicester riders would be apt.

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