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Author Topic: Lucy - Allure  (Read 1350 times)

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Lucy: 30 Minute appointment

Location: Quiet, Clean, Ground Floor Apartment Block in Gateshead.
Getting in through the front door was a little tricky, you have to be lightening-fast opening the door after inputting the key code.

Lucy was delightful.  Very Pretty, very well presented. Gorgeous figure, and tanned.
She was confident, friendly, and a great personality. Certainly not shy, and eager to please.

Her lips were full, glossy, and super kissable, her sexy brown eyes were full of mischief.
The sex was incredible, and her personal hygiene was impeccable!

For someone so young, she wasn't shy - she was quite vocal, telling me what I was doing well, so I would know to keep doing it!  :lol: 

Let's be honest, it's a great thing to know when you're doing something right!   I've met a few shy girls in the past, they are so quiet I haven't a clue how well I'm performing, or how far they are from climax!  Not Lucy, she was a star in this respect!

Great girl, fantastic time, I would love to see her again finances willing!

Oh, the icing on the cake... Clean Towels and shower gel!
Nice work Allure  :thumbsup:

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Offline Looking4fun

Good review mate, she sounds hot!

Offline Rod trotter

Nice review, a few services id like to know about first but deffo looks the part.

Sounded good.she seems to have the right attitude
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Offline Winker121

Thanks for the review but some detail might not have gone amiss.

Oww guys!!!
I hate writing the gory details! lol
Isn't there some sort if word we can use that would sum up and define the 'standard' service we usually know and love to expect from a typical visit?

"But what is the standard service?"   Glad you asked...
I reckon 'Standard' sets the level of expectation of service for all good appointments!

A = No
OWO = Yes
CIM = Yes
Sllw = No
Kiss = Passionate

That is what I would expect as a good stantard service, anythibg more would me beyond standard.
A Standard++, as you will.

The service menu was a nice quality standard :)
Exactly what I was hoping for. 

The Man From Del Monte says yes! lol  :hi:
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Offline Winker121

Well yes that would be one way of doing it but we aren't a sensitive bunch obviously and you could just say what's on the menu.   Don't be put off writing more reviews mind.

What is
sllw ???  :dash:
Sw_ll_w   PMSL! 

I couldn't remember if it was swollow or swallow, at the time!

My mum reads these posts, so I have to be careful what I write! (joke)

Sw_ll_w   PMSL! 

I couldn't remember if it was swollow or swallow, at the time!

My mum reads these posts, so I have to be careful what I write! (joke)

cheers  :D :D :D

and if his mam is reading this post;  he has been a very very naughty boy  :D :D

Offline weller

I also have met Lucy and she has the wow factor but has, sadly now disappeared off the agency website....does anyone know if she has reappeared somewhere else please ???

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