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Author Topic: BonnyBlowsNew of Leeds.... punter mauled by lioness in PSE attack  (Read 1148 times)

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Online mrfishyfoo

Session Summary

Fuck me I got mauled by a lioness in her lair.

The long version

Bonnies AW Profile

https://www.adultwork.com/3621920 or https://www.adultwork.com/bonnyblowsnew

Pictures are definitely her. Very accurate and what you see is what you get

First I am going to describe her

Bonny is a very enthusiastic leggy, 5’10”, long blonde haired lioness. She claims to be 29 on her AW profile and I would say that is about right. She has a lovely personality and can be quite chatty. Looks wise I would say she is can best be compared to a young Jordan aka Katie Price before she had her breasts super large. Bonny has large, not huge, 34EE enhanced breasts. She says she is a size 8 on her AW profile but she’s more like a 10 IMHO with a lovely arse that was just made for twerking.
The Booking Process

Well what can I say ?? Having previously experienced the BonnyBlows PSE I had to go back in and get some more.

This meet was booked for first fuck of the day a week in advance for 2 hours from 1030 to 1230. A couple of texts and an AW confirmation and that was it simples. The day before our fun I sent Bonny a quick “are we still on” message and got a prompt yes we are. I then let her know what I wanted her wearing and she responded that was all in order. On the morning I also sent her final instructions as to how I wanted the meet to start and well need I say anymore.

The Venue

It’s a very nice modern flat in the centre of Leeds near to the TA barracks.

The Meeting

So cometh the day cumeth the man. I arrived at the carpark round the corner with 15 minutes to spare so I sat and waited for 5 minutes. I then sent Bonny the “I am here honey” and got a prompt “come get me” in return. I dialled the number and was let in. Tap tap tap on the door and I heard the distinctive click click of heels and I was in at bang on 10:30am.

Bonny met me with a big smile and a no messing around tongue in my mouth snog. She was wearing a black stringy highly revealing mini dress, no stockings, 5” bright red shiny FMB’s and that was it. Her hair was half up in a pony tail the rest cascading down her shoulders and back. Exactly what I had requested. She’s as tall as me in her heels. I just could not help myself so I just had to give her pussy a rub, well she had no knickers on, and found to my delight that she was nice and wet and it wasn’t lube !! I then stood back and had a good look. Damn she was looking gorgeous.

No need for a shower as I had come from home so into the room we went. As instructed Bonny dropped to her knees, undid my trousers and pulled them and my pants down to my ankles and then it began. Bonny assaulted my cock with her full on spitting, gagging and drooling DTOWO.

I am not normally a big fan of PSE DTOWO during a punt, as it has to be done really well, as most ladies fail to get the gagging and gulping for air bit right. Instead they start to suffocate and choke themselves on their punters cock.

Bonny did such a fine job of sucking my cock PSE style that she was drooling and dribbling all over me and also onto the floor. Whilst doing this she was keeping really good eye contact which I find to be such a turn on. Bonny was so very enthusiastic and she twice took me to the point where I was about to CIM before backing off and then continuing the assault. Delightful is all I can say for that. After about 20 minutes of this I suggested to her that she sit on the edge of the bed and continue her assault which is exactly what she did for another 15 minutes.
Well OMFG what a blow job, really well done, proper full on.

By now I had decided I had had enough of my cock being sucked and it was heading towards fuck time. I suggested to Bonny that it was her turn and I was going to warm her up for the main event. Bonny lay on the bed and I then straddled her so that I was sitting on her stomach. I started at the top with a very satisfying dose of DFK and then started to work my way down her body. This is where the stringy dress comes in as I can lick a girl whilst teasing her as well. I licked her neck, her shoulders and then settled on those marvellous breasts of hers. Having played with her nipples for a while, umm could hang your coat off them, I then worked my way down to the shaven haven that is her pussy. Bonny has a lovely pussy, it’s nice and smooth and tastes really sweet. So off a licking I went. I also inserted my index finger all the way to the hilt and played hunt the g-spot. Reckon she liked it as she was having a good squirm around whilst riding my face. Well I wasn’t content with just playing with her pussy so I spat on my finger and then slipped it up her arse. Now I really started getting a response as I continued to lick her and also slid my finger in and out of her arse. In no time whatsoever Bonny says to me I am going to cum and cum she did, either that or she is one of the finest actresses I know, as she had a shuddering orgasm whilst she rode my face. Her pussy was by now soaked with her lady juices as was my face. Back in I went again just to make sure she was properly finished off and then I came up for air and we snogged each other’s faces off again. Your turn again Bonny says to me as she took my cock in her mouth and the DTOWO assault continued with me now lying on the bed with Bonny on her belly between my legs. Bonny got my cock good and hard again and then it was Sagami 002 time. She climbed onboard in cowgirl and went for it and proper full on bounced on me. Bonny rode the full length of my shaft so that when she dropped down I thrust back. While doing this she varied the pace and also leant in to continue the kissing. At one point I actually thought she was going to knock herself out as those marvellous tits of hers “bounced away in time the music”. Having hammered me in cowgirl Bonny jumped off, whipped the condom off, and again my cock got a savaging with her DTOWO and then it was time for another 002 and reverse. Bonny climbed aboard and again she bounced away on me, she then squatted on me before she put her legs under mine porn star style and continued to fuck my brains out. He !! He !! My cock had spent a good 40 minutes being bounced on and I was now feeling well and truly pounded. Bonny though wasn’t finished with me yet. Again she jumped off and this time my cock started to wilt so Bonny sucked away until it was nice and hard again and then I suggested it was time for doggie. On with the 3rd 002 of the session and I mounted her from behind. Bonny grabbed hold of the end of the bed stuck her arse up high and buried her face in the duvet as I now went for it as hard and as fast as I could. I hammered away until I could feel the sap rising and then I stopped as I wanted to delay cumming to nearer to the end of the session. The urge to cum subsided and again I went for it but this time I started nice and slow and built the pace up. Well of course the inevitable happened as I just could not contain myself any longer so I filled the condom with just about 20 minutes of the session left. Note to self next time don't get so giddy and fuck her arse as well !!

I was absolutely knackered so we now had a nice chat. She’s an entertaining lass and told me, amongst things, about a client she has coming to see her who has a slave she wants locked up in a cupboard. Well each to their own. For me it’s not just about hammering away at a girl for the full length of the session. I find having a chat adds to the moment and makes it a more “rounded” experience.

Bonny now turned the shower on and in I went. It’s a well-appointed bathroom with great big towels and plenty of products for a bloke to clean himself up with. Not much more to say for it really.

We continued chatting as I got dressed and then the business bit got sorted. I eventually left 5 minutes over with a great big snog and a cuddle at the door.

The money bit

I paid £300 for 2 hours of Bonny’s time

In Conclusion

Well what can I say ?? Fantastic !! I got full on “mauled” by a lass who proper went for it. When she wasn’t bouncing on my cock it was in her mouth as she worshipped it. This really was a great PSE style session with a highly willing and able companion.

Will I go back for more I hear the reader say ?? My answer is an unequivocal and emphatic yes !!!

4 review(s) found for Chloe.Cummings  linked to in above post (4 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

An excellent review, thank you.
Her PSE sounds a little too exciting for me!
Think I'll try the GFE when I do eventually get over to Leeds...


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