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Author Topic: Sara Mixed Race Escort Fast-London-Escorts.co.uk  (Read 1148 times)

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http://fast-london-escorts.co.uk/sara-mixed-race-british-escort or http://www.firstcallescorts.co.uk/gallery/1/Sara/250

This booking took place within the last few weeks around half two in the morning.

I had noticed on the Punting Wiki https://www.puntingwiki.com/wiki/List_of_London_Type_B_agencies that there was a new agency so I thought I would give them a go. However all the prossies on it are also on www.firstcallescorts.co.uk which has about 50 profiles so make of that what you will
Dealing with the Agency

Friendly enough receptionist however when I asked for the price to my post code they tried to up the fee from 120 for the hour to 130 for the hour. I asked her to check again and lo and behold they could do it for 120.

There are nine profiles on the website and when I called they had 4 available. After picking Sara. The agency had her call me back to discuss the booking and said she would be with me within  40 minutes.

it was Sara that turned she was more a size 10-12 rather than size 8-10 pretty enough face. She seemed a little wired for sound. But I didnt really give a fuck at that time in the morning.

I offered her the chance to freshen which she accepted. Bodywise she was ok her tits were quite small once out of her clothes but she had a decent amount of thickness in her thighs and arse.

Started with some Light FK which I wasnt too bothered by followed by her trying to be slightly erotica kissing down my chest and wanking me before popping on the condom for OW (MY REQUEST) decent enough oral she did try and go deep very quickly while I played with her clit she didnt mind when I dipped a finger in. I did feel that her oral attempts were an attempt to make me cum quickly but it was enjoyable and she was skilled and I had a few drinks and a bifter before she arrived so there was no way that was going to happen.

Started off in doggy as I thought that would be best she was responsive in doggy and enjoyed her clit being played with while being fucked. As I upped the speed I noticed her hair moving slightly oddly and I could see where her weave was. Which was slightly off putting more later)

Moved into her on top she did ride me hard which was very enjoyable before she tried to do the old ball tickling trick which almost worked for her before I fiipped her over and went for it legs over the shoulders which was enjoyable but her moans were a little faked and by now I wanted to come so I pulled her out and asked if I could come on her tits. She was ok with that so I made her give me a bit more covered oral before whipping off the condom and spunking on a nice pair of nipples.

Decent enough shag and not bad value for an outcall pump and dump.

She went to clean up while I had a fag when she came back in the bedroom I noticed that I had spunked into the bit where her weave joined her hair which made me chuckle. I wasnt looking for a round 2 so I suggested she gave me a massage which was pretty poor but quite relaxing while she told me it had been really slow and I was the first bloke she had seen that night (yeah bullshit) before the time was up and I ushered her out of my home and I had a post punt cheese on toast

Decent Oral
Quite tight and responsive at points
Got delivered to my door in 40 minutes
Decent enough value for an outcall at that time of the morning


Bigger than her profile would suggest
Smaller tits than I was expecting

so a mild positive

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