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Author Topic: ThaiNina - Staines/Ashford - TOFT  (Read 933 times)

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Offline rsd007

https://www.adultwork.com/2963261 or https://www.adultwork.com/ThaiNina

So had some time to spare last week and stumbled across her profile. I wasn't looking for a full on punt, just a bit of a destress and a nice view so her £40 - 30 minute massage with HR was ideal.

Tried to call; but got no answer so sent a text.
Responded within about 10 minutes, confirmed a time and was told where to head and park.
Upon arrival, another text to confirm the exact location

Parking / Area:
Her apartment is just outside Staines, the border between Staines and Ashford really.
Parking is easy enough on one of the side streets
Safe enough area; residential and didn't notice anyone hanging around outside or any curtains moving that looked suspicious
Ground floor apartment; easy access

Upon arrival she is certainly the woman in the pictures and has a slim figure but on closer inspection her skin isn't as smooth and silky as one would expect from a Thai woman. She also wears braces. She is friendly though, broken English but enough to get by.

She led me to a bedroom that smelt nice; had some soft music playing and was comfortable enough.

Curiously I asked about a FS and she said another £30 so that would make it £70 which is average but can find much better looking women (who are reviewed) for £70 so stuck with my original £40 massage.

Asked me to get naked and lie down, which I did and the massage began. It was ok ... not fantastic, but OK ... worked my legs and back and in fairness asked where I had pain.

Time seemed to drag on; usually I just close my eyes and relax, but for some reason I couldn't ... perhaps because the massage went from nice and relaxing to panel beating.

Anyhow, 25 minutes later she asked me to turn over for the HR; which I did .... lets just say there wasn't much enthusiasim in the attempt and my fella just wasn't turned on by the technique and the thought of her sucking me with her braces scared me a little.

So I decided to ask her to lay on the bed and I'd pleasure myself ... which went as expected, but not the HR I expected (could have just done that at home for free). When it was time to shoot the load; she handed me a wet wipe .... hmmmm and into it I shot   :thumbsdown: .... but some missed the wet wipe and landed on her ... she freaked out a little ... odd  :dash: .... but that means that the FS would be even worse if she is scared of a little cum on her arm.

Cleaned up, dressed and left

Massage - mediocre
Nina - average
Service - tried but lacks enthusiasim
Contact/Booking - good
Location - good
Would I return ... NO


1 review(s) found for Sexy Thai Cutie linked to in above post (0 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline DiCanio

Shame as she looks fit as...!!  :thumbsdown: and local to me too.

Offline James999

So you paid £40 to wank yourself off  :crazy:

Offline rsd007

So you paid £40 to wank yourself off  :crazy:

Well basically that is how it turned out ....  :dash:

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