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Author Topic: Reading - WGs phones blocked by continuous calls from withheld numbers  (Read 2607 times)

Offline Louise 100% British

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Offline oring123

Surely one of your client s can help you with this you only have to be in a certain job and you can find out everything ??
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Online Stiltskin

Sounds like they have an automated script scraping the phone numbers from Reading profiles. AW could encrypt the phone numbers so that the scraper fails to read them, whilst they remained fully readable to a real person.

You'd have to get plenty of people to put a complaint in. It might be worth doing though, as I'm sure AW don't like people scraping their site.

Offline James999

I am just shocked that it is consistently happening every day for over 7 months and they haven't given up yet.

It probably hasn't stopped as it's obviously working for them, as I suppose the reality for you and other affected is that you simply don't bother to answer your phone most of the time (assuming it's another fake call) or that people simply can't get through.

As such you are reliant on AW / E mail bookings, it must be a pain for regulars, but I'm assuming you've sorted this issue by having an alternative number you can pass out to regs etc, that doesn't get published so not spammed?

Found this info on an apple forum. Hope it's helpful.

"I kept getting calls from NO Caller ID. I don't want to limit calls to just my contacts list. So to block this type of call:


Create a new contact called something like Non-Caller or No-Caller

Enter 000-000-0000 for the phone number.

Scroll down and select Block this Caller

This should stop calls from calls that come from "zero" numbers."


Offline jimmychunga

i have had 2 punts in last week where phone just buzzing constantly. Annoying!

Cant the girls at least put on to silent during punts please :)

It is odd how it is only Reading and has gone on for so long

I am not aware of any collective working regularly in town anyway who would be so organised, presumably costs them too.

I must say though it hasnt seemed to stop the girls communicating to set up meet in first place, resourceful types your average WG

Offline agent47

Saw a very popular girl just last night in Reading she had been getting this all day, she rang a couple of other girls working in reading they were getting it to. Seems like only popular independent touring girl are being targeted maybe someone's trying to keep them off there turf. Suggested that she get a cheap android and showed her several ways to block it. she got 45 calls within the hour I was there thankfully it was on silent  :D

Offline TonyD

could it be some religious freaks/puritans  in Reading...trying to make Reading holy than thou?

could it be some religious freaks/puritans  in Reading...trying to make Reading holy than thou?

Could be iPhone haters really as you xannoto block withheld numbers on them

Offline jake44

This happened to a visiting WG this week and she phoned "everybody" to try to get it stopped.

Eventually the O2 abuse department did help her, they traced the calls to three GiffGaff accounts and had them suspended with a warning that if it started again the police would be involved.

So if you are O2 it would be worth taking that route. (It may help that GiffGaff uses the O2 network.)

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