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Author Topic: Amy.Sexy.Hot now touring Nottingham - AVOID!  (Read 391 times)

Offline vt

This girl and her mate Amber.pussy&ass have just turned up in Nottingham...read my salutary tale of when I met Amy recently in Norwich...


Don't be seduced by the pretty pics, the service is abysmal and she'll be moving on next week after she's fleeced a few punters, don't let it be you!!  :hi:

Offline GolfNut

Thanks for the heads up but too many red flags for my liking anyway.

GN  :hi:
Banning reason: Undesirable

Thanks for the warning but it'll be a dusty phone tour round here with bareback on the profile.

No disrespect for your heads up but I'd rather no warning so that the local bug chasers can go & get their wallets fingered!

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