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Where: Surbiton - holiday inn  hotel on Portsmouth Road
When: Monday 20th June
How much: £80 per hour


Monday hung over horn, had things to do at midday so was trying the early morning risers and Nicol came back to say 11.30 - I tried to nudge a 10.30 but to no avail so I said i'd try later in the afternoon. A few others became available but it meant a trip to Kingston and the Holiday Inn on Portsmouth road was perfect location for my needs.

Comms: good texting comms, on time giving directions to room
Hotel: can walk straight through reception to lifts.  Two cleaners outside the rooms - a bit annoying as this was now 2:30 so you'd think all the changeovers would be done by now.  Right out side as the door opened - WG style with no-one there and so i had to walk in going " Hey Nicol, how are you coin" so as not to make it obvious. 
Welcome wasn't too bad, paper work out of the way- first thing she makes me do is rinse my mouth out. Fair enough... then came the question "what do you want to do?" FFS can you not guess - it's on your fucking website.  So i retorted enigmatically "Everything" went in for a snog and was greeted by fag breath - pot calling the kettle black - I asked her to rinse her mouth out as i am a non smoker.
Went on for a snog again - boring, worse than any cold fish I have snogged in my school days. Looked at her very average, sallow and untoned body and thought this is going to be a hard slog, but the boozy bad cells were going "get this fucking load in her mouth like it says on adult work".   She said "suck?" oh you have such a way with words - she got on with some alright sucking, not too deep, no eye contact, quite mechanical, I got the tv remote and surfed until some music channel was found with some semi clad ladies doing their thing so at least my addled brain could make some sort of fantasy up.  After a short time she said "fuck?" I replied also monosyllabically "No" and guided her head back down. Taylor Swift's mechanical rubbery contortions on the screen were mimicking this girl's machinations down below.
After a while i suggested we fuck and she put the condom on like they show how to do it on the cucumber in school. no finesse, no joy, no interest.
Got her into missionary and tried my fucking best to try and get her to enjoy things, lubed up my hand and tried a bit of clit, went in for a kiss and then couldn't bear looking at her fish pout face any longer.
turned Nicol round for doggy and was presented with a nice waist, decent ass but mary mother of god she could have fucking cut back the hair at least a bit. Jesus fucking christ am i on candid camera here?
got it going for a while and decided to come in her mouth - this is all very one sided up until now. She keeps sucking until i spunk in her mouth and in the first jizz she is up and spitting into the bin whilst I am left spunking into thin air - so i make sure and wipe it all over those bed sheets (sorry next punter) in the hope this very lacksadaisical lady is busted and never allowed in this hotel again.
I like to keep going after coming so i wiped off every trace of come and told her to get me hard again.  Eyebrows "really?". yes I said. She started an evermore unenthusiastic sucking session and looked sullen.  this was not a role play so this was doing nothing for me. After a bit i put a condom on myself said "lie down" and fucked her as roughly as I could before pulling off the condom and wanking myself off whilst watching the tv.
I asked for a quick massage and after 2 minutes of her looking at herself in the mirror whilst rocking my shoulders back and forth I said for get it.  I had a quick shower and she said fuck all as i got dressed and i told her that I would be giving her a bad review on every site that i could so that other men wouldn't have to endure what i just had.
I asked her what her problem was.  She said she just wasn't feeling it today.  I asked her how long had she been doing it for.  She said she didn't know.  I asked her if she was being forced to do this, did she want help, there is help out there and I was willing to help her to get to of this game if she didn't want to do it.  She said she didn't, it was her choice and she only saw who she wanted when she wanted.  All of this was delivered without much emotion.  I told her to get out of this game or to stop doing it because she wasn't very good. As I went out the cleaners (both young european men) were still moving towels and toilteries around.  They looked at me and one gave me a shit eating grin.  I gave him one back, lifted one of the little packs of ear buds from his trolley and said " i wouldn't bother" as i nodded back to wards 301 " she is fucking shit, one of the worst ever and soon everyone will know it".
I got in the lift wondering if they were just in on the act, getting a cut, getting a fuck, part of a bigger game, would they laugh my words off with her, beat her for pissing off a punter, tell a bigger boss what they'd heard.  I cleaned my ears with the bud and threw it in the bin on the way out, spitting on the ground to get the bad taste from my mouth, already plotting my next punt, thinking "don't pay £80 next time you cheap cunt, gambling's for fools, but that's the way I like it baby, I don't wanna live forever..."
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3 review(s) found for NICOL...X linked to in above post (2 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

it seems you picked the correct username after reading this OP

Offline Jason69

Thanks for the warning Mentalist about this shit SP and for the entertaining review 👍 I am sure you will have saved a fellow punter his hard earned cash  :)
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I won't take this review too seriously but it made me chuckle so thanks for that  :hi:

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