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Author Topic: Dr China, Lichfield. Tina (Dec 2015)  (Read 1185 times)

This review has not been indexed yet.
Not sure if anybody actually saw this review I made back in December 2015??
I think I had only just joined the forum, and was not too clever in knowing where to post reviews, and as such I posted it in a general thread.

OK> But Tina has not been here in four or five months, so I guess it's not that relevant now.  :(


Could not get in Friday, but went today (tues 08.12.15).

Paid £25 for a half hour massage.
Upstairs, large room, massage table, couch.
Bit of small talk (including the odd innuendo) before undressing and waited for girl to return. (sad, but for the life of me I can't remember her name. Tina I think, but she said she was from Birmingham)

Very thin, very tall, fairly pretty, Chinese girl. 7/10 on the looks, but that's subjective.

Very pleasant massage, firm but not hard. Spent approx. 5 minutes on back, 5 on shoulders, and 5 each on legs and thighs.
The odd tickle on the sack confirmed I was in the right place.

I was asked to turn over after about 20 minutes, which I obliged. She took one look at the old boy, who had stirred a little, and asked if I would like extras.....

Er yeah!

£25 for HR clothed
£40 for naked HR
£50 for B2B massage.

I was feeling flush as I had been lucky at the bookies (thankyou "Dream Spirit")

Tidy body, small titties, very small nipples but pointed. Oh and a hairy bush.

Rubbed some oil around me bits and bobs, before climbing on table and rubbing tits all over my chest and elsewhere.
Pressed her bush on my thigh, and urged me to have a feel. For the love of Nigel though, I could not find her button. I must be out of practise foraging.  :D

Finished me off as she was astride me.

Not the best technique, HJ wise. But maybe next time I'll settle for a £25 HJ. Might be a bit more massage/hand action/rub/wank type of stuff.

Overall. 7/10.  :)

PS. Don't ask me who Nigel is, it's a long story.

Dr China, Lichfield. No website as such. Just a link to their chain, which at the time of writing does not include Lichfield anyway. Just Google Dr China Lichfield.

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