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Author Topic: London - Admiral Escorts 'Tracy' (formerly Cute Amy Thai of AdultWork)- real GFE  (Read 1226 times)

Offline Italian American

Long time lurker with my second review here.  I don't live in London and usually only visit 2 or 3 times per year.  I recently saw and reviewed a few Thai girls including oft reviewed Elsa, Christy and Lilly, as well as a Romanian Simba/Adah.  Over the past couple years, I saw several London ebony girls (HTF, Naomi, Bree, etc.) which I will try to review soon.  On to Tracy, 
 *  I have been with many Asian girls and have been to Thailand many times.  Tracy is a seriously attractive Thai girl.  Beautiful light olive skin, full lips, sharp brown eyes, silky long hair, etc.  (See her selfies on Admiral, although she is wearing makeup there.)  She is quite small (size 4? 5 ft?) but with a nicely shaped little bum (not flat) and small B cup titties.  Definitely, she is a league above Elsa, Christy, Lilly and most other Thai girls I have known.  Very sensual GFE. 
 *  She arrived like a girlfriend - flat shoes and no makeup or perfume.  I was actually quite shocked with how good she looked like her selfie pics or better.  She is very calm and sweet.  She is NOT the kind of girl who enters with a kiss or grabbing your nuts.  Also, she lingers and chats which at first I wondered if it was a time wasting technique  :unknown: , but it's not.  It's just her.  I paid for one hour, we had sex for maybe 30 minutes, but she spent 2+ hours in my hotel room chatting about life, work, Taoism, etc.  I had to coax her into the shower in the beginning as this is a requirement for me, and then she took a long 10-15 minute shower playing music on her i-Phone 6  :music: which made me wonder if she was again wasting time.  When she finally came out, we had a nice 30 minutes of foreplay (RO - very responsive after 5 minutes or so) and sex (mostly mish, doggy and spooning) which could have lasted longer but I popped and was done.  Once we got going, she seemed lost in pleasure.  I am rather dominant but controlled.  She was quite passive submissive which suited me fine.  Reminded me of one of my favourite ex-girlfriends who had no sense of time, always late (Tracy was 20 minutes late) but really good natured.  No kissing which I respect.  Didn't ask for BJ.
 *  If you want PSE, sloppy or rushed sex, i.e. YOU are the clock watcher, then she ain't for you.  It was a somewhat surreal experience in that I felt like I was with a new girlfriend, not a WG.  Very different from my other experiences here.   
 *  I was tempted not to write this review because I like her so much, but I don't come to London often.  Fluffy, I know  :cry:  And yes, I tipped her well  :scare:  Probably the only repeat I will do in London when I'm back next.  I actually had to coax her out the door as it was getting late and I wanted to sleep.  She felt very embarrassed that she lingered so long, not realizing the time which had passed.  Cute.   :kissgirl:

Banning reason: Trash

Very sensual GFE. ...
 Reminded me of one of my favourite ex-girlfriends ...
  No kissing which I respect...
  Didn't ask for BJ.
 I was with a new girlfriend...
  And yes, I tipped her well  :scare:  ...

I have never had a new girlfriend who didn't kiss.

please post a link for this escort.

Offline Muzmuz

Interesting review. As you are a visitor to our country I enjoy reading your views and reviews of the punting scene here. Please keep them coming.

I have also punted Tracy but my experience of her was negative. I saw her about 18 months ago when she was on Adultwork under the name CuteAmyThai. It was my worst punt with a Thai girl in London.

She time wasted, was reluctant to perform basic services and rushed me out of the door before time was up. I think she relies more on her looks rather than her service for custom.

This is the link to her agency profile if anyone feels like giving her a try. Hopefully you have more luck with her than me. http://007escorts.co.uk/escort/tracy/

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