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First time booking Nancy AND my first FBSM punt (ive been out of the punting game for a few years and I’m only going to be looking for FBSM from now on)

Called up Thursday afternoon spoke to Nancy asking for a Saturday morning session @11am and agreed a 1hr B2B session with HE for £80, after the call she text me the address

Sat morning rolls round I message her @10am just to confirm don't get a response back for another 40mins but hay hoe its Saturday and shed probably not long got up

Anyway got there, com'd in to the block of flats and went up to the room she opened up with a little peak round the door I go in to see her in a little black baby doll with huge amounts of cleavage on show :wacko:.

So in to the room sort out the paperwork she goes to stash and tells me to get undressed, offers me the choice of the table or the bed, I choose the bed as I'm somewhat fluffy and fear the table wouldn't hold. She come back in puts on some nice soothing music and starts with the massage. Starts by putting pressure all over my legs then climes on me on all fours and works her way up, feels quite nice then gets off and off comes the baby doll revealing her ace tittes. She grabs the oil and starts massaging me all over starting with my legs and working upwards. When she gets to my arms I get to have a little stroke of her arse and the inside of her thighs and slowly worked up to her thong and had a little play there. :D
She asked me how I was doing to which I told her I was doing wonderful and I could understand why all you guys on here were praising her so much.

Time to flip
This is when things got interesting she massaged the tops of my legs and in between ;), Then got down to the B2B stuff, I helped her out by holding on to her bum so she didn't fall off (as you do), and stroked her up and down while she did her thing also had a nice grope of her cracking tits which she seemed to enjoy even let me have a little suck on those lovely pert nipples of hers :yahoo:.
Then it was time...... she slid down and straddled my leg put on some more oil and started to stroke my chap up slowly why I stroked her leg and worked my way up her inner thigh, well it didn't take me long before the storm started brewing, so I reached for her thong and had a play, reached underneath and played with her pussy, not sure if it was the oil or not but she was wet. She gave out a few little moans before I lost control and erupted. She then cleaned me up and led me to the shower.

All together a really good massage and a VHE to finish
would I recommend, HELL YES you gotta GYSOT
would I return, Try and stop me

Offline Stapler

'..........my first FBSM punt (ive been out of the punting game for a few years and I’m only going to be looking for FBSM from now on)'


Now you know the appeal of FBSM! As attested to here :


which has over 3400 replies and over 385,000 views!

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