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Author Topic: FULL+INDIAN+AISHA  (Read 1462 times)

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Offline HughJardon

To start off shes Brazilian not Indian etc, anyway decided on a short notice punt and didn't fancy driving down the bay and getting lost in a maze of doors, buzzers and poor translation getting into the confusing appartment blocks Cardiff Council seem to have erected...everywhere, down the old docks. People say they remember it as just a big pile of dust.

Phoned the following on a Newport Road location

https://www.adultwork.com/3043834 or https://www.adultwork.com/FULL+INDIAN+AISHA

Wanted to see who was behind the mysterious veil.

And after rummaging through her gallery pics the girl I saw was the one displayed she had the stars tattooing up her Ass and eyes were familiar. I am well aware this site has shades of BnS as most Brazilians in Cardiff do. 1 profile 2 girls first come first served.

Got to address, and the girl let me in

The girl

Size 8/10 tanned body, a bulb shape ass, that stuck out from her petite body, Tits were Ds Im guessing 36, but they were lovely and firm, and her nipples were mini bullet type teets. Pussy was shaved to within an inch of its life, no pussy lips, everything tucked indoors.


Got in the room, paid the nominated fee both stripped off and lay on the bed, I instigated the Tit groping and nipple rubbing, she rubbed my chest, I felt like Sean Connery. Got closer and she allowed me to kiss around her body, lip kissing was strictly a no no, but we kissed each other necks and she wispered some Brazilian banter in my ear, puto or Koolo something weird, for all I know she was probably calling me a tit but it got me hard all the same.

The blowjob was amazing I must say 8 out of 10, lots of slapping it on her face and nasty spitting felt her tongue stud all over Hugh junior, got over the initial feeling to spunk too soon and fucked her face hard.
Positioned for missionary and to me when a girl sucks your dick that hard, theres only one way to reward them, with a deep hard slamming. Heres the Neutral bit, she gripped on to me in such a position that I could barely get any purchase in her snatch, I did manage to get her leg up eventually but she kept things tight, to obviously make me chunder quicker. I got over that and went in hard, she came like a train and I felt time was up. I wanted to crack on so gave her a doggy styled pounding, think she came again, then I lay on my back hoping that she would ride me like a true Brazilian whore, but instead flustered she started pulling my todger off. This lasted for a good 10 minutes, and I wont need the landing light tonight to go for a whizz, if you know what I mean.
Anyway, came a little got up and she offered me a massage which was suprisingly good, baby oil and up and down the back neck and ears. Finished up she wiped the oil off my back a little peck on the cheek and that was that.
Neutral, doubt I’d return, just felt parlourish in a way but I think she “no warmed” but “thawed” to me.
She told me on the way out she was the only girl working that day and she was Fbucked, I thought 28 minutes too late for that darling.
Not a massive loss though perhaps a good plan C or D, may get better with repeat visits.

Interesting nugget of information
2 new either Brazilian or Portugese girls there every week on a Monday

4 review(s) found for AISHA FULL INDIAN  linked to in above post (1 positive, 1 neutral, 2 negative)

Offline ledley

Just visited this profile. Very sexy wg called giselle. Dfk, covered oral and amazing sex in 3 positions. She loved rimming too. Stunning

Offline HughJardon

Thanks L, I do like options. I may pop out later, crank the engine up on KITT the car  :cool:
A knightrider special

Offline PMAC123

If I'm honest I've been loving this place lately! Been twice in the last month or two and seen two bangers that have really seemed to enjoy what they do and been fun to be around. Feels a lot more like real sex than a business transaction, something a lot of WG around here need to learn. That ass looks incredible too, might have to go back soon! Loosely related question, does anyone know if they are ok with people just turning up? Or do you have to find a profile and call every time? If so is there a generic number for the place? With the track record I've had so far I'm ok with just going there sometimes and seeing who they have to be honest.

Shame you didn't have the best experience though, that "keeping it tight" is a trick the window girls use in Amsterdam, fucking sneaky.
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Offline HughJardon

Same here P it is a good site and the girls rotate frequently. This girl was hot and her Ass was on fire, tits very suckable. I would return in a heartbeat if she offered to completion Blowjobs for 30 notes, because her BJs were filth, still got the image of her slapping my love truncheon over her face

Lovely  :angelgirl:

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