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Author Topic: Adultwork users- ever punted with WG on 0 feedback?  (Read 8396 times)

Offline Knick

For those that use AW a lot, how often if at all have you arranged a punt with a girl who had no feedback (note: not 'hidden feedback')? I ask because I am a seeing a lot more "new" profiles inmy area and normally I would not bother. However on 2 occasions I did make a booking (thinking with my prick at the time) and on both occasions it was a pleasant  suprise. But with so many scam profiles on there, I guess it was just luck? I mean a girl has to start somewhere right?
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Offline Scoobs

Just the once.

And only because she was 10 minutes down the road from me and had tremendous tits  :D

It was a pretty decent punt too.

Offline haystacks79

My first punt was with a girl without any AW feedback at the time, saw her 3 times after that, so yes she was good. There was good feedback on here about her though, so I wasn't exactly heading into the unknown.

Offline Thor

I have only punted twice on Adultwork so far and one was ok and the other good.  There are other girls who have plenty of positive feedback that have also been slated on other sites, including this. 

I just go with whoever I fancy.

Have seen 4 girls on AW. 2 girls with no feedback... One switched me and one was horrible.

One had 7 good feedback but was a bad punt... Other one was very good but no longer in the UK.

Its hit and miss...

Online Jimmyredcab

If a girl displays her phone number it would be quite normal to have little or no feedback because the majority of her bookings will not go through the Adultwork system.

Offline mh

Quite a few times. Many girls don't use the feedback system - don't take bookings on AW at all. And even if they plan to, someone has to be first to try the fresh meat...

I tried last week to be the first to meet a girl who popped up in my area. She could not meet me on Thursday, I was busy Friday and today her number is no longer listed... same old, same old.

The times where I've met those with no feedback have nearly always been disappointments.  :(  Much prefer to see someone who has at least a couple of feedbacks from other AW punters who appear to be genuine or of course a recommendation from someone on here.  Nothings guaranteed in punting but this works for me.

Offline cosava

My experiences, limited as I usually wait for feedback, is that it is very hit and miss. Last one was a nightmare so am only picking girls with good feedback from somewhere, either aw or here. Too much of a risk when there are plenty of WG in Edinburgh who look great and have feedback.

Offline xTammyx

Hello. My first post. I have been hidden a few weeks to get a feeling for the atmosphere.

I have my telephone number on AW and prefer to take bookings by conversation. This has caused me to only have small number of feedback. I am happy to sacrifice the feedback for the contact of voice. A feeling between both is nice before meeting.

Bad meetings can always happen. Feedback should only be one of the tools you use to make you choice.

Offline James999

Are you the Tammy from Bracknell ?

Offline xTammyx

Are you the Tammy from Bracknell ?

No. Sorry James. I have been working in Essex. But I may be moving back to Scotland in the short future

Offline James999

No. Sorry James. I have been working in Essex. But I may be moving back to Scotland in the short future

Don't be sorry, she has fucking freakish tits  :scare:


Offline Knick

Well some feedback, even if it low single digits, is at least something. It the fact that profiles with ZERO feedback can feel like a leap into the unknown.

Personally, i don't punt with girls who have 0 feedback. I don't want to risk it. I know the feedback system isn't flawless but it's one thing i factor in when making my choice.

Offline billyjo

I have seen quite a few with no feedback, if I like their pictures and they look/sound genuine then I will book them, had some fantastic punts with escorts without feedback.

Feedbacks a plus but I've seen girls with plenty of feedback who weren't great. I also almost never make a booking request / leave feedback myself, especially as I have had far more success sorting things on the phone. Todays let down was from a girl with feedback sorted over aw with a number given, then went to see a girl with no feedback and had a great time.


On the one occasion I was tempted, I came on here asking if anyone had seen her only to be told her pics were fake  :thumbsup: Thank You UKP :thumbsup:

Offline Miss A Squires

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Everyone has to start somewhere though!

Offline AnthG

I have not read the entire thread but all I will say to add - or repeat if someone else has said it. And that is never, ever, ever buy a private gallery of someone with zero feedback.

If you see someone with a score of zero and you want to drop them an email or a telephone call for a booking to see what you get. Then that is all fine.

But spending money on someone with no feedback you may as well just put the money on lottery tickets.

Offline mystery7

This is quite interesting. I thought it was a rule of thumb to not punt girls with no feedback. So I always make sure there in the tens before I consider it. May take a chance now......He who dares wins eh (or gets beaten up and stuffed in a bin) :cool:
Banning reason: Abusive + Obsessing over prossie

Online Jimmyredcab

This is quite interesting. I thought it was a rule of thumb to not punt girls with no feedback.

It's not as black or white as that.
Personally I would avoid HIDDEN feedback which is a totally different thing.
Adultwork feedback is not guaranteed to be genuine anyway, it's not that hard for a pimp to put up some false reviews.

Offline hunnieme

Quite a few times without any feedback with no problems . I got scammed once in my life by a girl who had about 55 positive feedbacks-but they were all for direct cam work , none for escorting . Looking back I smelt a rat but let my cock rule my head . As Jim says though , if a girl displays her number, 0 feedback is explainable. This is when this site comes in handy .

Offline Ali Katt

I've probably seen girls with 0 feedback in the past, I've also seen ones of auto-censoreds without feedback reports before adultwork took off. I've seen escorts with good feedback who have been average or crap. Feedback is no indication of quality and should be used as a guide only.

Online Jimmyredcab

Feedback is no indication of quality and should be used as a guide only.

Yes exactly. I am more wary of girls who claim to offer extreme services such as hardsports, or girls who are much cheaper than average, if they are £70 an hour there is a fair chance you will either be rushed or they will try to extract more money once in the room, most girls are cheap for a reason ---------- not all obviously.   ;)

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