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    *edit: started this off as a Neutral but the more I wrote the more it became Negative.

    I have as a new starter been sticking to a good massage with HE, it's has served me well and at £30 to £50 does not break the bank.
    So after lots of envious reading of the pleasure of a full service visit I decided that today I was going to push the boat out. (Maybe should of heeded the Romainian warnings I had seen around)
    I was going to 1hr with all the trimmings!

    I did a quick search of the area and found this very promising looking punt.

    [[Link hidden, login to view]] or [[Link hidden, login to view]]

    Looked good on the site and listed all the "enjoyed" candy I was after! So this was it....

    Called up and was answered right away by her, English was very passable. We agreed and time and was told to call for a door number once I arrived at the post code.
    Text message to announce my arrival and received a door number reply, so far so good....
    Got the the door and knocked, no answer. No buzzer or bell and right next to a busy African barber shop, so I'm a bit, WTF! New txt - wait one minute!  :crazy:
    Standing there looking like a plum, watching this dude playing with bar bell weights in the barber shop!
    3 mins later, felt like a life time and just in time. I think bar bell boy was stating to think I was there to watch him! I get let in.

    First impression, she is cute and the AW pics are accurate. I am a boob man, one of the reasons for picking her and they are hot. Great firm and very much a top C!   :)

    I follow her up stairs, nice tight ass to look at. She is wearing a tight crop top and white leggings, can see the black lace underwear.

    So we get to the room and she asks me what I'm after. I tell her the list as per HER profile. She tells me it is £100 for the hr. I inform her that her page says £90 and that is all I have with me.
    Apparently that was a mistake and her fee is normally £100. I inform her that had I known I would of brought more and I suggested she update to profile to avoid and future misunderstanding.
    We agreed the £90 and she was quick to point out another mistake on her profile, she does not do bareback. Perfect for me as I am not a fan of that either. One thing I do notice is, it's hot in here!

    She strips down and gets on the bed and tells me to do the same. Her body is clean and firm in all the right places and yes her tits, in my opinion are GREAT.  Nice and firm with amazing dark nipples!
    We lay there and she starts to stroke my chest and legs, slowly brushing my now hardening cock.
    She rubs her boobs and offers me one to suck. All good so far, then I move in for the kiss! I get a cheek, and then more cheek, slowly; reluctantly I get the corner of her lip, more persistence and I finally get a kiss. Although FK is on her list she is clearly not into it today?! Try later... :unknown:
    Ok, so we move on. I move down on her for some pussy, she is tight, clean and tasty. I am rewarded with a few moans and her rubbing her nipples, ok so maybe she does like it. All of a sudden she takes out a wet wipe and moves over to wipe her pussy, guess she had enough. Very off putting but I was ok as it was very hot down there.
    I'm happy to lay back for her to have a go. Two wet wipes later, used on me, she starts a very weak attempt at OWO. Her technique is very poor and once again I notice how hot I a, feeling and the energetic stuff is yet to start!  :crazy:
    The good thing about the poor BJ was I get to play with her tits and ass? Did I mention I'm a boob dude! Hers are great!

    On with the rubber and she mounts me cowgirl, which I love! Tits bouncing in my face, what's not to love! Oh yes I did say it was hot...now after this little ride I lose my first load. She once again uses loads of wet wipes to clean up, this time I'm great full as they cool me done a bit.
    Chat so far has been very little and mostly small talk but this is intermission while I recoup for round to...in this heat recovery is not easy, I ask her about the heat...she smiles and says yes it is he way she likes it....the heating in her room is on high. Now with our little work out if feels like a sauna. She can't turn it down from her room and the Windows don't open!   :scare:
    I'm trying to recover but the heat is now stifling.

    We chat a bit more and she attempts to get me hard again by not really trying to do anything?! I'm now hot ( not in the good way) and trying to get hard. She says I need to get myself hard while she get up to find a new box of rubbers! Her attempt had not worked, maybe the heat was effecting her too.
    I get myself hard and on with the rubber for round 2. Missionary and then doggie but by now I can feel the sweat starting to run down my back and it is NOT from all the effort of sex!
    I force the 2nd one out so that I can get out and get some fresh air! The sex was of but not too much emotion from her. She did comment on how little cum there was in the rubber compared to round one so at least she was paying attention!

    I got dressed and left with another peck on the cheek. Once down I stood in the lovely fresh Ealing air and enjoyed a few seconds of bliss.

    So looking back...was it all worth it? I'm not sure. For that money I could of had 2 massage and HE, maybe I'm just tight but for £90 I expected more and yes I did not last the full hour, not because she rushed my but it was just too hot in there!!

    Now not sure if this should stay as a neutral or should it be Negative?!
    I think I will still to hand jobs for a bit more and leave the complicated stuff to up Experts!


    [quote author
    I got dressed and left with another peck on the cheek. Once down I stood in the lovely fresh Ealing air and enjoyed a few seconds of bliss.


    Cheers for the review!
    Fresh air in Ealing... :D

    Offline Tonyleung

    Bareback and you went to see her, even though "you are not interested.."
    WG doesn'do bareback though advertises it and her profile would attract Bb clients...

    who you kidding?

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