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Author Topic: Masterbating and fingering herself  (Read 766 times)

Offline soadkalu

I'm not looking for sex actually. I'm looking for someone  that likes to finger  herself till she cum. Any hints guy? Tnx

Offline Steely Dan

Just tell them in advance that is what you want, and (I think) most escorts will do this for their normal fee. As always, pick one you like that has good reviews.

Do make sure your note is neutral and ultra polite.  Some guys get off on sending crap notes to escorts, you dont want to risk being seen as one of them. Or post a RB.

Offline webpunter

I had a session with a massage burd doing this very thing. It was even better. We were both sat facing each other on the a massage table - legs akimbo.  I was playing with her g-spot with one hand & her clit with the other. She was wanking me off @ the same time. I'd then massage around her pussy for a while & she then started playing with herself with one hand [fingers on clit & inside] & wanking me with the other. Then changing hands. At times the end of my knob was about 1cm from her pussy. Her brushing it gently against her flaps + clit now & again. It was horny as hell  :yahoo:
Seemed like a fantastic plan at the time.  2-3 days later my bell-end was pink & blotchy  :scare:  I was overdue an MOT with the private doc so paid a visit.  Panic over.  Just a full on case of thrush.  Solution was canesten cream & tablet.  Sorted.  Phew ...
About time i paid another visit.  Hard to resist & maybe i was just unlucky.  Might do some self medication afterwards coz i know the drill  :D

Offline jason2004

CutestLucy if you can reach her, she definitely likes to wank herself off.

Offline soadkalu

Tnx for the tip. CutestLucy seems to be a legit one but is not my tipe. If I run out of options i have to consider her. Tnx

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