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Author Topic: Anni Porsche, Berlin- Neutral  (Read 1130 times)

Offline Gspotter

Location: 89 Gneisenaustrasse

This was a toss up between Airport Girls and Anni Porsche, I decided on Anni as they were closer to my location. Probably a mistake with hindsight... I am familiar with the FKK scene in Germany and Phoenix Club in London and they are my frame of reference. Anni Porsche is inferior by far but it's also much cheaper. Hence I'm giving it a neutral rather than a negative.

I was there on a Monday afternoon between 2-6 pm. Payment is €88 upon arrival. I asked the madam about numbers and she said there were 3 girls and 7 men which seemed all right to me. Had a shower and then went to the communal area which is one large mattress where all the action takes place unless a girl agrees to take you to a private room.
In total I was there for about 4 hours and saw three rotations of 3 WGs in that space of time. A total of 9 WGs may sound good but frankly only 2 of them were attractive enough to be the type you see at FKKs or the Phoenix Club. The girls did not come and go in a group but at staggered intervals. For simplicity, I've broken it down into three lots, they do seem to change the line up entirely every 2 hours.
First rotation: an older petite German Maike, a pretty young girl who seemed Turkish and a large sized German with big breasts and ass like you imagine the beer maidens to be. Only Maike spoke good English and I started out with oral by her. Then moved to the young girl, gave her oral for a minute or two before she pushed me away and wanked me for a bit while looking uninterested and bored. I got the impression she, like some of the others later on, strongly preferred Germans. Went back to Maike and had a nice fuck and an orgasm. Went looking for the large sized German but by then she was already finishing her shift.
Second rotation: two ebony types plus a Turkish none of whom spoke English. One ebony was slim but wanted nothing to do with me, refused oral and sex although she accepted some of the others. The other ebony was a fat hippo who spent her time wallowing on the mattress and doing fuck all. I kept an eye on her just out of amusement. In her three hour shift she did oral on a couple of guys and sex with a couple of others with each encounter lasting 5 minutes or less. So overall, she worked for less than half an hour, the rest of the shift was just lying on the bed. The Turkish was in her 30s and not great looking but at least she happily serviced everyone. My second session and a nice fuck.
Third rotation: Two younger girls and another in her 30s. The young girl was monopolised by a guy that wanted to give her a massage. Fine by me except it took about 15 minutes during which time the girl is out of action. In gratitude, she then spends 15 minutes wanking to get him hard and another 15 minutes of oral and fucking. So this one guy alone has had her for nearly an hour. By now it was after 5 pm and there were more males coming in. I didn't feel like hanging around waiting in line and decided to call it a day.

1) It's a flat fee of €88 to stay there all day with drinks and nibbles thrown in. I fucked two girls for that price which is cheap, absurdly so if I'd been pushy and done it with all the nine girls there.
2) The guy/girl ratio at least in the afternoon isn't too bad and new girls do replace the old ones after a couple of hours.
3) You have to take a shower after any contact with the girl. I never felt so clean, taking ten showers in the four hours I was there. But the girls can be silly, they even asked me to shower when I had been talking to another girl with no sexual contact.

1) The girls are lowest common denominator. Think about it- if not, they would be working in a FKK where they can make more. I frankly didn't want to fuck some of them even if it was free.
2) Majority did not speak English and seemed uncomfortable with foreigners.
3) Although you are all in one bed, the action is usually 1 to 1. Spitroasting or other 3some activity is not that common which means you have to hang about waiting for your turn.
4) In each of the three rotations of three girls I encountered, only one would be decent looking and only one provided good service (and not always the same person).

This experience only made me realize how lucky we are with the parties in London. Yes they are pricey, Phoenix Club is £160 for two hours, but there you have 5 really attractive women who will all give you excellent service and happily play with multiple men at the same time.
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Offline oring123

you only stayed 4 hours they are open for 12 hours 11am to 11pm girls change every 2 or 3 hours so your choose was limited  by your shorter stay .
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Offline adindas

you only stayed 4 hours they are open for 12 hours 11am to 11pm girls change every 2 or 3 hours so your choose was limited  by your shorter stay .

Indeed, If people just stay for 4 hours they just see 4/12 = 33.33 %, 1/3 of the line up.
So is the level of confidence in probability theory of just 33.33% out of 100%.

To make your money worthy and to get the full view of the line up people will need to stay from 11.00 - 23.00.
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Offline Steve2

I was there on Thursday last week from 11am till about 6pm. Not so busy but at least 4 girls that I enjoyed having fun with, a few beers and a fun encounter with a 6ft single swinger girl who just turned up out of the blue. We chatted, had a drink and fucked. She wasn't into anything except hard fucking and "demanded" that I fuck her arse too :)

After that she drank way to much and became such a pain, demanding guys to fuck her that the "management" gave her the word to fuck off and not come back

As has been said before Anni P's can be very hit and miss but always good VFM

You are never going to get the FKK quality of girls there but neither are you paying €80 just to get in the door, €60 for 1/2 hr with a girl and €10 for a beer

Offline oring123

Anni porshe is vfm and i normal stay 12 noon to 10 pm that way at least 4 nice girls ( in your eyes) are on offer .its a party but you have to be in it to dig it.
Total shit if you just hold back and watch !!!!!!!!
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Offline adindas

Let do some calculation.
Say you find 4 out 11 girls are acceptable, attractive and fuckable which is quite often the case in Annie Porsche
People are already very lucky if they could get one girl for sex for EUR60, so for 4 girls it would have costed people EUR240.

Assuming you are doing this in the Pub / Cafe:
5x beers  5xEUR3 = EUR15
Coffee, capucino all day EUR 5
Nibbles, finger lunch dinner all day EUR 5;

It would have costed people EUR 265. But people are just paying EUR 88 at Annie porsche.

It is up to people to decide, but based on that calcualtion it is still good vfm IMHO. But of course people should also seek some variations and another alternatives.
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Offline adindas

I was there on Thursday last week from 11am till about 6pm.

Did you miss the GB party in insomnia Steve2 or you went directly from AP  ??

Offline Steve2

I missed it as I was meeting someone in the evening  :drinks:

Offline Jerboa

I missed it as I was meeting someone in the evening  :drinks:

Oh yes some slutty Berliner was it?  :P ;)

Offline Steve2

Offline oring123

So op fucked 2 girls and lunch and beers for 88 euro
Vfm !!!!!!
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Offline vt

So op fucked 2 girls and lunch and beers for 88 euro
Vfm !!!!!!

Useful review in that the replies have shown that at this joint you need to be prepared to stay for the duration and be selective about which girls you session with...but yes, €88 for 12hrs of unlimited opportunity to fuck from a selection of a dozen different girls and including drinks and refreshments is great VFM!  :thumbsup:

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