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Author Topic: Little Minx Llanelli  (Read 2716 times)

5 review(s) for little minx llanelli (5 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline aazbo22

Little Minx Llanelli
https://www.adultwork.com/1829469 or https://www.adultwork.com/little+minx+llanelli

30 Minutes £60.00

Had a meeting in Llanelli and had money burning a hole in my pocket so thought Id treat myself to my first punt!

Dropped her on AW asking for incall arounf 4.00 ish in llanelli - she replied and asked me to contact he via a mobile number - so i phoned and she answered straight away. said I could not pinpoint a exact time yet and she asked me to call after a meeting and then we could meet which was nice of her to do - So great comms from her

LML gave me a postcode and street name and asked me to call when i was in the street - which i did and she gave me the house number then. It is a house in a terraced street with some free space outside - LML was waiting at the door as soon as i knocked.

LML has got an amazing body and looks great for her age (mid 30's) she came and greeting me with heels and a flattering see through dress which hungged her amazing body - followed he upstairs where I had a great view of everything! Also had a little landing strip which i thought was sexy. SHe has got an amaizing ass - amazing tits and soft smooth skin - fucking oouusshh is all im going to say!

The Deeds
LML made me feel so comfortable to start! starting off with her saying this is my time and we can do anything you like its your time. SO i undressed, lied on the bed and LML started kissing me and was playing with my cock with her hands. She then asked if i wanted head which i obviously agreed. (at this point she gave me the choice of OWO or OW). OWO of course........ then i was in heaven - LML knows how to suck a cock - even though she doesnt deep throat she worked my cock well (also she was said to me to ask her to stop if i needed a break lol) while she was doing this i was fingering her pussy which was nice and wet! Also i had a great view  from the mirror on the ceiling.

Then on went the cover and she slid her really wet pussy onto my cock - she was like a contortionist - I did not know a woman could get into so many positions while on top! After 20 minutes i was ready to blow - she asked me if i wanted to slow down to last longer or if i wanted to cum over her tits - Off came the condom and she started sucking my cock until I jizzed over her amazing tits!

With still 10 minutes ago she quickly cleaned up and then asked if i wanted the old boy played with again - Yes of course! then more of her amazing oral skills until the end.

Freshened up again while we had a good chat about the football which she actually started which was nice lol then left

Good looking Welsh escort Milf is how i would describe her who was very focused on pleasing me and did not feel like she was clock watching at all

What You May Not Like
Her venue is in a terraced street and it does have a few houses about - but didnt bother me and she was waiting to answer the door.

Would I Return ?
Yes i will - just to have her suck my cock if im honest but her fucking skills were good as well!

5 review(s) found for little minx llanelli linked to in above post (5 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline Nipper2

Good review, glad you had a good time......l I've always enjoyed my visits to Minx, and boy can she give good head  :yahoo:

Offline Paulsenis

Seen this lady a good few times now.
I agree with all the positive comments above.
She also 100% knows how to suck cock.

Offline aazbo22

Seen this lady a good few times now.
I agree with all the positive comments above.
She also 100% knows how to suck cock.

any chance of ur review on here lol

Offline HughJardon

any chance of ur review on here lol

Your 100% right Aazbo, but at least wait until the ink dries on your 1st review  :lol:

Offline aazbo22

I may have seen her earlier if more reviews were on here lol.

Offline Paulsenis

any chance of ur review on here lol

Apologies team. I did post a review of her but it is under the general discussion section. Enter her name in the search section and you will find it.

It was when I was new to this site. I got a bit too excited, went in early and prematurely popped my review into the wrong section. We may have sometimes been all guilty of that in one way or another.

Once again sincere apologies, I hope you find and think it useful to you.
Just to reiterate it though. She is good at sucking cock. :D

Offline ianvilla

She's been on my hot list for sometime. I must find a reason to get down west to see her.

Hi guys, would you be able to send me through a message with the phone number folk tyke mins.  Thanks :drinks:

 Sorry, predictive text... Meant to be.

Phone number for little minx please  :thumbsup:

It's not showing on her profile.

Offline aazbo22

here it is pal - 07 549 11 52 96

Perfect, thanks for the number  :drinks:

Seen her a number of times over the last 4 years.  Always a good service.  Friendly and realises she is in the service sector and understands that satisfied customers equal returning customers.  My only issue is occasionally bumping into her in B&Q!

I've seen minx a good number of times - the sex swing and the mirrors on the ceiling are definitely worth the visit just for the experience, and she's really good as well! :lol:

Seen her a few times. Very willing lady. Slight problem with the location though as there isn't really any passing traffic and you stick out a bit.

Slightly unsettling when you see her in Pemberton or Trostre with her other half, which I've done on numerous occasions.

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