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Author Topic: xPetite Victoriax- Birmingham  (Read 2077 times)

3 review(s) for x Victoria V xx (1 positive, 0 neutral, 2 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline sanj07


Date: 26/6/2016
Location: Apartments on Sherbourne St just off Broad st
Parking: Very tight around here.
Comms: Very good all arranged by text.
Duration booked: 30mins-£70

Decided to have a punt as was feeling very horny and had a browse on adult work, Sweet Victoria/ Blonde Samantha were not available so decided to go for petite victoria instead I had my eye on her for a whilst she seemed fit but no reviews on here did not seem risky as there were plenty of reviews on adultwork. She seemed a good alternative taster to emily size 6 fair tight.
Arrived at apartment and greeted I was initially disappointed at her looks I would rate her 4/10. exchanged paperwork offered shower which I declined as had one before. She was drinking coffee at this point and I thought great gonna have a taste of coffee breath yuk!

We started kissing on the edge of the bed which was very passionate on her part it seemed she could do this all booking I fingered her pussy and had white creamy yolk all over my fingers which i did not find appealing and wiped it on the duvet. When I took a breather from the kissing and looked at her face there were red blotches around her lips for a moment I was worried whether the kissing had led to bruising but then realised it was fucking lipstick spread all over WTF i have never had taste of lipstick during a punt. I then ask her to take her clothes off and this is when it all screwed up. it was not a fit body as I had anticipated, she had lots of scar marks on her tummy possibly caserian it was that bad that it resembled a weird trench map all over her stomach it was disgusting. She started to give me oral which was good but I lost interest and did not find her attractive and wanted to get the fuck out there I asked for RO and once she got in position her pussy was not tidy she had moles/tags around her clitoris and although I like flaps there was only one flap on one side which looked weird. she did not look very clean down there and there was a strange sickly smell therefore I refused to give her oral and just tickled her clit as I thought it would be rude to tell her fuck that lets do somet else. I think she got the message as i was not licking and rubbing her clit and she went into a coughing fit and failed to deliver oral.
I told her to get the condom and i was loosing my erection I gave a quick hand job to my self entered her i could not wait to get out. quick clean up went to toilet and spent 10mins washing my face and scrubbing the lipstick off it was a total fuck up. The website profile is very misleading the photos are heavily photo-shopped she is not in the same class as the elite escort she makes out to be. I would not see her for free it was that bad what really gets to me is that she has had great reviews on adultwork.I was out in just under 15mins it was that bad.   

She said see u again on my way out and I thought yeah right over my dead body man shit punt on a sunday afternoon I should have held onto my cash and seen sweet victoria a day later.

overall: Her attitude was good and wanted to please but I found her unattractrive, not fresh I could have vomitted when I was in RO position, untidy down under and heavily scared tummy area

3 review(s) found for x Victoria V xx linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 2 negative)

Link doesn't work you need to copy and paste

link here:  https://www.adultwork.com/2742165

She had caught my eye in the past but never booked.  Appreciate the review and sorry you had a bad punt.

3 review(s) found for x Victoria V xx linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 2 negative)

Offline Ming

Must admit I had liked this one too and has been on my HL, now removed.

Thanks for the review.

Ming  :hi:

Offline twister

October 2015, same venue , same girl.....and exactly the same problems, terrible scarring and very bad smell from her pussy, she is a very friendly and nice lady, but that punt put me off punting for a whole month, pretty sure I wasn't a uk punting member then???, hence no review, and I didn't want to say anything bad.....I have got over that problem now.

Offline sanj07

Hi twister thank god someone is a witness to a experience similar to mine, what do you wreckon about the 30 odd positives on adultwork? I have been put of punting too dont know how long its gonna last even the thought of visiting someone sexy is not doing it at moment

Offline twister

could be a case of bait and switch, concerning the feedback,
the photo does resemble her a bit
I just wanted to back you up and warn other punters
 don't be put off, there are a lot of really good ladies out there....if like me, you prefer slim ladies....Ming >> has revieved quite a few, and found a lot of very nice ones.....I know.....lol
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Offline ifajs71

Thank you for the review(s) above. I have an overnight Reverse Booking for Birmingham, but was going to contact her instead. I have around seven bidders that I need to decide upon, but I am struggling to get excited by them and liked Victoria's profile. Not now. Maybe more time will bring more bids.

Offline azrael

Thanks for the review OP. shame it was a crap punt i often get mixed up with this one and victoria xoxo (emilys friend)   :hi:

Offline ciderman

I also saw this horror show a while back. It took ages to get rid of that disgusting image.it also took me a good while to see anyone again. Reading this thread has brought all flooding back. Will somebody please pass the sick bucket !!

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