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Author Topic: hello to you all................  (Read 776 times)

Offline lovingfacials

hello everyone, been lurking for a while and thought best to come into the light and say hello

Punted for years, shared info on other forums, but tamed it down and now only try to go with 'bankers' as the disposible income is less then it was once..............hence the need to do or use good primary research!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope to offer some 'sage; advice and get some as well


Offline Scoobs

Welcome mate.

As it happens, I love a good facial myself.

Only giving them mind.  It's not clear from your username if you like giving them or receiving them.  Perhaps it's best to clarify  :D

Offline lovingfacials

good point.............I like to give them!

Offline Scoobs

good point.............I like to give them!

Glad we've cleared that up  :D

Offline tda666

Welcome indeed. Don't know about you but for me it is nice to share a few choice words with like minded people who I assume are possibly sharing a bit of a shady secret !!

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