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Author Topic: Gorgeous Alice - Pontypridd  (Read 5905 times)

6 review(s) for Gorgeous Alice 198 (6 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

After a few underwhelming punts of late the Punting Gods shone on me again with my visit to Alice

https://www.adultwork.com/3357911 or https://www.adultwork.com/Gorgeous+Alice+198

She works out of her own place just outside Pontypridd. No more than 15 mins from the M4. It's an old council estate but, certainly when I visited, it was very clean, safe, discreet and with easy, on street parking.

Alice is very pretty, with long brunette hair. Probably late 20s and with a killer body. Tall (accentuated by her heels), mid-sized tits with lovely prominent nipples. A fantastic arse and long, very shapely legs. If you saw her out - particularly if she was in clothes that highlighted her figure - you'd certainly be giving her a 2nd, 3rd and 4th glance.

Body aside, she is a also a lovely Lady and a passionate lover. I'd stressed beforehand that DFK was very important for me. And she delivers this in spades - as well as responding to it. We spent a long time exploring each other before I went down on her. She loves having her pussy licked and became increasingly aroused. After about 5 or 10mins of this she had a shuddering orgasm. I know people will be sceptical, but the way her body quivered and she could not bear to be touched for a minute or so was a good indicator that this was not faked.

After this it was on with the rubber for vigorous sex in multiple positions. The best of which has to be doggy, where I could feast on her gorgeous arse. Miraculously I held back from cumming. So we finished with some very high quality OWO, with a powerful come in Alice's mouth.

Very highly recommended. Especially at £120 for an hour 

6 review(s) found for Gorgeous Alice 198 linked to in above post (6 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Great review, Does she have big bullet type nipples?

Not really. They are nice and "chewy", but not what I would describe as bullet like

Did she cum when you were fucking her VERY hard from behind?  :hi:

Sadly no. Only when I went down on her.

But that may be something to do with me being a better pussy licker than a shagger. :thumbsup:


Age is 34 according to her profile, not late 20s. Sounds like a good punt though.  :hi:

Crikey, that probably is her real age. She'll be expelled from the sisterhood for her honesty.

She seemed younger to an old git like me  :D

Offline pork sword

Nice touch with the clothes valet..  :D  :thumbsup:

GP, do u have her mobile u can message me please? Thanks

Looks like a good choice, there used to be a girl with similar description working in the same are 12 to 24 months ago and looks to be the same girl but profile name has now changed.

Anyone recall the lady?

I am looking to visit Alice later this week and great number is also up on AW.  :drinks:

I think I was Alices first punt of the day, sexy girl.  I was a bit surprised when I think she had a genuine orgasm while I was licking her clit with my finger up her bum..  She started screaming really, really load and was shaking terrible... I stopped for a couple of mins to leave her recover..

She then continued to lick by balls and suck my cock until I gave in and she caught all in her mouth!

If this girl carries on they way she does we'll all be fucking slamming her very soon

Facially I didn't think she is particularly pretty, but I would still revisit, she is a sexy girl and be prepared for the orgasm if u visit.  It sounded a bit like she was at the last stage of giving birth,  very load screaming. :drinks:

Yep, when she comes, she come big :bomb:

Agree with the comment above that facially she's not amazing but she sucks like a champion!

Offline Bob2110

Banning reason: Dodgy

Give her a huge slamming from behind Bob, make her cum like a train with your cock

Offline Redevil86

She's a nice girl, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, etc, I'd not kick her out of bed at all, it's shagging not marriage , and yes, very good blow job,  the b j defiantly stands out as one I won't forget in a hurry.

Offline paul_b_1977

Anyone have more pictures of her? Her gallery is non existent and her main photo isn't that revealing

Offline Ping33

After reading all the reviews regarding Alice I took the 150 mile round trip plunge. Boy I was glad I did! Didn't see any distinguishing spots on her face. She's got a superb shape as mentioned in other posts. She can suck for both Wales and Poland. Best blowy I've experienced. She quite vocal which I like. Thanks guys for putting your reviews up. She said she's been very busy. She's in the centre of Ponty now. Obviously with these comments. I'll post a review after my next visit :thumbsup:

Offline Dubmaan

I saw her back last year, I don't normally go for Polish ladies, but she was local so thought I would give her a try.  I agree with the above she was much better than I thought she would be, I haven't been back, but I will do one day.

Well worth a punt.

How far in foot is she from Pontypridd station?
I don't drive with my nice shoes for walking  :hi:

Offline Dubmaan

It's. the walking distance, about 3 miles maybe more!

Best to check with her as she has a new place and the postcode she gave me was right by the train station. I have deleted he message.  :hi:

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