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Author Topic: When The Words And Pictures Don't Quite Match Up?  (Read 478 times)

Offline smiths



Indeed, but at least she makes it very clear she offers BB so punters are aware she does straight away. Skank. :vomit:

What is going on with those beef curtains??? Surely they shouldn't be that colour??  :scare:

Offline nestor

must be a hot kind of girl.........the photos in her gallery make her look like she's shagging one of those oversize black pepper mills you see in pizza parlours
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Offline Ben4454

The funniest ones are the girls who have a paragraph dedicated to 'no barebacking' and its risks yet in their gallery it is plastered with her taking bareback cock on multiple occasions.
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Offline ickydicky

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Offline Carpy

The picture is of pornstar Angel Dark.

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