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Author Topic: what's the story here? I'm guessing these are fake?  (Read 483 times)

Offline Bilbao

Ive seen a lot of these type of adverts where they picture a tasty bird who appears to offer a lot, normally outcall only and at the same rate 120/240 for 1 and 2hr


Are these just a con? I assume they are as they never have any feedback or if they do it looks created rather than genuine. How does this con work? is it B&S? its just i can imagine a girl turning up and i'd just tell her to FO if she didnt look like the pics....

anyone shed light on what the big con is?

Most likely bait and switch or service will be piss poor with almost no services requested being available.

It's a b & s .. I've reported about 20 of these so far but they keep coming back. If I can't get a Gris or tiny eye hit them sometimes aw can't be bothered to take them down

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