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Author Topic: Apple, Colchester  (Read 886 times)

Offline longstu72

Hi all,

Has anyone seen this lovely looking girl, Apple? Would just like to hear from anyone before I part with my hard earned cash...


Offline vt

Those pics could be of anyone...and probably are!  :unknown:

Offline longstu72

This is true, hence my post  :)

Offline star69

 I was tempted by the pics as well but the pics are not real. The girl I saw was nice looking anyway and Sex was ok with covered oral. There will be probably a different girl everytime anyway.

 Strange as she is not on AW, otherwise the pics would cause quite a stir!!
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Offline Samcrow1

I booked through that advert before Xmas but pretty sure it was a different girl, I did text to get the address yesterday and it's the same address but the girl I saw had much bigger boobs and was probably a dress size bigger than the current pictures

I would say there was 2 guys in the house when I went, they let you and take the paper and then pass you onto the girl.

Was a very good time though, I would have reviewed it but the advert disappeared shortly afterwards

Only negative was her garlic breath but I'm not much for one for Fk

Offline longstu72

Thanks for that - I'll TOFTT and let you all know how I get on

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