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Author Topic: Why Do So Many Polish Escorts Refuse to See Black Men?  (Read 2045 times)

Offline EricJ

He's a black guy who feels the world owes him a living, his life is crap, and it's all because everyone else is racist. Prostitutes probably pretend they have a sudden emergency when his baggage appears on their doorstep.  :rolleyes:

You know nothing about me.

Offline Marmalade

You know nothing about me.
I know everything that you've written in your whiney little posts. You're black. You hate nearly everyone you've spoken of. You're short of money. You are basically a bit of a miserable little git. Suck it up. Or change. Your choice.

Offline star69

 Calm down fellas. We are all equal regardless of colour, race etc.,
 OP, it's not only Polish girls who refuse to see black guys, other nationalities do it as well.
Banning reason: Previously banned obsessive sad cunt who keeps creating accounts (crazytrain)

Offline webpunter

Smiths & Marmalade have hit the nail on the head
There are profiles which read no men of x, y or z origin - unless previously seen.  Suggests a bad experience somewhere along the line
Other profiles occasionally mention no indians / pakistanis.  Reason given = too much price haggling.  Does this happen in everyday life ?  Err yes
What isn't visible is that the better WGs will also screen white punters
Businesses choose who they deal / don't deal with all the time - hardly ever gets a mention.  And then only from people who think they've been unfairly treated.  Tuff shit
Airlines profile passengers for security risk.  Fly El Al & you're in for a grilling.  However this works well otherwise they wouldn't do it
Of all the businesses to be in then IMO WGs should be able to decide who they do / don't see

I'm not black but I'm not white either :-P, but I've noticed that almost every polish profile state a refusal to see men of African ethnicity. I've seen the likes of Michelle Independent and Emily20 and they were fantastic but I really do feel sorry for men who are of African origin and who look at their profiles but realise they cannot see the above mentioned girls because of their skin color. One thing that I've learnt over the past two years is that the color of someone's skin is so irrelevant.

But why is this? I don't want to be close-minded and go for the easy suggestion that it's racism but I'm interested into what the issue could be. Next time I see a polish escort I may politely ask but is that suitable or too personal?

Let me guess you're the type that gets offended on other people's behalf as a black male if a fucking prossie doesn't want to see me or my kind I move on simple :hi:

I don't actually care what colour you are. Every post you have made since joining has been shit-stirring shite.  :hi:

 :music: totally agree

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