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Author Topic: charlie of leeds escorts  (Read 474 times)

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Offline ddtwelve

had a punt with Charlie at my home
was nearly a hour late  but I wasn't doing anything sat in living room chatted for a while then wine then chatted then chatted eventually I said are you gonna stop and go upstairs
so upstairs she did the straight to toilet thing god knows what they do in there then into bedroom stripped then layed on bed played with each then straight on with jacket standard me on top her on top then doggy, dosent kiss or like her small boobs been felt too hard she said got to hurry up as only 10mins left (time was ticking soon as she entered house ) condom off tried to wank me off so said blow me new condom on
so in the end I thought what a con only 20-30 mins in the bed rest was taken up with chatting

Offline bod666

That sounds like a negative to me  :thumbsdown:

Have you (the OP) fed back your thoughts to the Agency?
Just wondered - also wondered if they've responded..?


Offline BP96

Agreed, get in touch with the agency. It seems like she took advantage of an inexperienced punter, I would have been pushing her into the bedroom after five minutes!

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