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Offline Belgarion

Evening lads, saw this lady a few months ago during her tour in Brentwood. Did a search on here and there were no reviews of her so decided to take the plunge and report back.

Superb comms, arrangements  made over the phone. Very easy to speak to and has a very nice voice and manner about her.

Well known location in Brentwood for ladies that tour. Followed directions perfectly to get to hotel room.

Things unfortunately started to go downhill from here. Profile states she's 31, she's not in her 30s. Profile photos are not accurate or recent and whilst her photos indicate she is busty (my initial attraction), age unfortunately has not been kind to her. Wanted to stay an hour but booked for 30 minutes, was out in less than 30 mins.

No discussion of services, let me play with the tits a bit and grabbed a condom and went OW without any preamble. She did a decent job and then I asked her to go on top, was mediocre, told her to get off, tried doggy, a few moans here or there about cramp and sensitivity and then we did mish and I popped.

Gave me a wipe, got off the bed and got dressed and picked up the phone. Thanked her for the service and left kicking myself for wasting money. Should have gone to the Brazilian place instead.

So to summarise

1. Pictures are inaccurate
2. Lack of clarity around sevices (I'm also to blame here)
3. Excellent comms
4. She's nowhere near 31
5. Delivery and quality of services were mediocre

1. Comms

Everything else, dishonest profiles and photos always get a negative from me and the service on offer was really poor. She's a nice lady and older ladies in my experience usually deliver. This was a massive disappointment.

Will I return? Nope. Really should have walked.

Link; https://www.adultwork.com/2448986 or https://www.adultwork.com/%7E+Serenha+%7E

2 review(s) found for ~ Serenha ~ linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

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