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Author Topic: indian or pakistani girls good vfm owo dfk in london?  (Read 1202 times)

Offline thorltd

any reccomendations for an indian pakistani wg that has good service in harrow and greater london area ?

Offline drwho

Good question (though it would be great if you could first do a bit of bedwork and offer some examples of where you may have come close, and where you were ripped off and felt desperately disappointed, etc so we know what you like)

Anyway, it's a subject close to my heart, and so far I can only really offer the following


Positives: Great body, good attitude, enthusiastic kissing, good VFM.
Negatives: Only works Monday and Tuesday, No OWO, Pockmarked face (but still sexy IMO), her sex talk can be a bit corny

Offline riad_

I'm really keen to find a good value Indian/Pakistani girl. They all seem pretty expensive, and I'm reluctant to spend more than £70 to find out whether I like someone... any tips greatly appreciated!

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