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Author Topic: Massage. Miss Sofia  (Read 945 times)

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 Arranged to meet a girl called Karla for a 30 min massage in the Springburn area for £40, thought i couldnt go wrong at that price as she was 19 and a looker. No problems finding the place and communication was good but when i entered the flat i was surprised to be met at the door by Miss Sofia who says her age is 33 and is probably true. Miss Sofia said that Karla was still in bed (11.00am) and that she was the only one available. Normally alarm bells would ring (bait and switch) but i thought Miss Sofia was good looking with large breasts but it has to be said that she is a bit chubbier than girls i normally go for. Got the paper work out of the way and onto the bed. Miss Sofia soon joined me on the bed totally naked and started full body to body contact making excellent eye contact at all times. She added baby oil to her breasts and my dick and i thoroughly enjoyed the constant grinding of our bodies together. We also did 69 for a short while which was very good. My dick was hard throughout so it didnt take long for me to come from a hand job. Put my clothes back on and noticed the punt had taken about 20 mins. I would recommend Miss Sofia but i believe there are 3 other girls working there and i rarely go back to the same girl.

Offline David1970

Thanks for your review.
Some questions
1 got a link to them all?
2 is it 4 girls working out of the same house?
3 what nationality are they?
4 is full sex on offer?

All 4 girls work from the same flat and Miss Sofia is from Spain. I dont know where the other girls are from but they all charge different rates and Miss Sofia told me that they all provide different services so i think that full sex is a possibility. I found them on Vivastreet at the G21 area. I have since noticed that Karla is no longer available and Miss Sofia charges £60 per half hour and i believe my massage only cost £40 because of my original appointment with Karla.

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