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Author Topic: Working girl for the mrs  (Read 2345 times)

Afternoon gents,

Strange request but does anyone know a working girl that would go with my mrs while I watch.

Spent months convincing her and she has agreed(and quite excited by it all, I am not forcing her) and just realised I forgot to actually think who it could be!

Note, she is a fat and only I find her pretty so would need to take that into consideration.

Any help appreciated.

Offline Stapler

Don't go there! It will end in tears!

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Offline Roadster

Why not try a swingers club?

You'll know the other girl wants it, it won't be so much of a headache to find, it will probably be cheaper.

She may like it and then you can go again explore that whole thing together.  She might get into watching you too.

Just a thought.

We have been to swingers clubs before and enjoyed. Thanks for suggestion though

Offline Dodo

I'm sure Hannah or Lola in Wolves would oblige, that both like a bit of pussy.
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I am with dodo... and add Sophiarose to that list. :rolleyes:

Cheers fellas, will look them up on aw

Online webpunter

Why not try a swingers club?
Hopefully they'll have a strong swing.  What could possibly go wrong ?  :sarcastic:

Offline Dante

I'm sure Hannah or Lola in Wolves would oblige, that both like a bit of pussy.

And Hannah even says on her profile that corrupting a man's wife is one of her fantasies.

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