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Author Topic: Athree Massage Spa Indian  (Read 3952 times)

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In this review adding my experience with so call massage parlor and some note on overall experience in london massages, Sorry for lengthy one

After seeing reviews here about athree, i got tempted to visit the Athree spa . called and booked barbican branch for 90 mins appointment.
i think guys who wrote previous review about athree never had/know what real massage is ,

here my expectation was at-least a average massage for 90 mins and if lucky will get HE from a nice looking therapist. To add some background , i used to take professional massage while in India regularly 1.5/2 hr sessions  3 or 4 times a month from one of the best spas where steam ,pool, etc complementary, so i know what a professional/real massage is , and they never offer extra and my friend was shown door once for asking extra 2nd time , when he was told no on 1st time.

Back to topic , i managed to reach there on time despite worst weather , there were 2 ladies in reception(one looked mid/late 20s with good curves and another in 40s not good look) and 1 granny/manager in reception seat . paid 70 for 90 mins .Granny asked the young lady to guide me to room. She left me in the room after telling me to keep my stuff in a locker which was already open including my shoes and wear a tower which she offerd , towel was bit old and torn at corners. when i kept my things inside locker and closed the door , i was very surprised to see a notice in the door saying ,  one said price for sessions  does not include tip , and another said we don't offer any kind of sexual service ,only professional , dont ask ,etc , etc... after seeing i thought i will get very nice massage.
In few mins she was back and explained in 90 mins pack they have 60 mins massage and 15 mins some breath inhale and 15 mins scrub , i told her i am ok with scrub  and instead of 15 mins inhale i will have massage . She said she cannot do that and will follow the menu strict  , but if i dont want inhale i can have massage for 60 mins and 30 mins money refunded.i thought like wow they are so professional gono get  great massage  , lets try what try that inhale. told her i am ok with 90 mins. then all started :D
i was told to sit and  place my legs in some water , she started with head and shoulder massage 1 mins passed,2 mins, 5 mins , i was like when the shit going to end and watching clock and cursing myself . pressure was so less i did not feel any thing, i did not bother to ask her for more pressure thinking she will finish in next min , next min , but it went over 15 mins , OMG then finally she stopped and cleaned my legs. Asked me to like lie on table . she started on right leg , just moving her hand up and down no technique nothing , asked her to increase the pressure , to my surprise she said she is doing relaxing massage and cannot increase pressure , if i want more pressure it should be Swedish/deep tissue/sport massage which will be done other therapist. i was pissed off , no more fucking scrub/inhale and told her i am fine with 60 mins , not need 90 mins session . she agreed and went out to inform that granny . when she back her massage improved little bit and on massing she started  teaching me i should have asked for different technique in reception when i came , it is all listed in their website or in reception menu. i asked her back why i was not asked in initial what type of service i need , and no reply . Her massage was like just move the hand in all direction. Till this point i was very mad , thinking when i will leave that shit place.
And i was told turn face up , and we had little conver about her place , that is when my stupid/dirty mind woke up  :diablo: :diablo:, such a shameless guy i am . i asked if she offer HE , she said yes but with condition. asked what is that , what the hell it could be other than money  :scare: :scare: .  it was 20 for he , which is very fine .i did not keep quit , asked if i can touch , she said yes but 20 extra , ok fine . when i tried to put my hand inside her , told 40 is touching over dress , she can take bra off for 60. i said fine , paid her 40 and 20 will give her from reception my refund . so agreed for 60 , her boobs were huge and indian made ,  it was looking nice for me atleast .
  below her service price list :cool: :cool:
20 - HE
40 - boob touching over dress
60 - half naky
100 - full naky .
i thought what the fuck professional place is this.
and finally she advised me to go Chinese parlors for more sex service , as price for extra reasonable there.and here place is more into massage , i was like WTF she think about her and place.

after session , i was offered shower .then  i thought i have to get 20 from reception and give it to her , as that granny/manager is not aware of all these sex service.  To surprise when i reached reception , granny did not open mouth about 20 . i told , want to give that refund 20 as tip to that girl , granny was laughing loud and showed 20 to her , yea 20 is her . It all sounded big joke in the name of professional massage.

Here people make nice money in the name of professional massage therapy and dont even care on kind of service they provide .After coming London i visited so called spa/massage/medical clinic/herbal,etc parlors in and around canary wharf , in all these places HE was offered , and they are ready for b2b for some more extra pound and massage was either average or worst ,and only once i was lucky to have a good in gao medical in my 3 visits.

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I appreciate that English isn't your first language but what are "Indian made breasts"? :unknown:


I appreciate that English isn't your first language but what are "Indian made breasts"? :unknown:

   Good questions , i was trying to say her boobs were looking like proper/typical indian .  :dash: :dash: :dash:
Banning reason: Pestering admin with daft deletion requests and then sends cocky reply

Offline aae

I appreciate that English isn't your first language but what are "Indian made breasts"? :unknown:

Err...those plucked off a mango tree in the great Gangatic plains?  :lol:

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