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Author Topic: Escorts in Dunstable  (Read 766 times)

Can anyone suggest some escorts in Dunstable... Services I am looking for are OWO,FK and RP.
Please share...according to your personal experience...plz

I wouldn't bother with either Dunstable or Luton as there are mainly EE's who moved around the Country with help from Sergei...... 

I would recommend that you make the short journey up the A5 to MK, where you will find much better choice and more than likely better service IMO.

Can you suggest some good escorts in MK??

Offline eyeseebee

Just do your research on here like everyone else. MK also has one of the best known brothels in the country. Look forward to your first review.

Online webpunter

MK also has one of the best known brothels in the country
I thought MK Central is a punting wasteland  :sarcastic:

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