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Author Topic: Thai - Christy Bayswater W2- invasianescorts  (Read 2685 times)

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Offline Muzmuz


One hour in call £150

Booked through Invasian agency. I've used this agency before so all communication was via text.
Her flat is in Bayswater about 5 minutes walk from the tube station.

Christy is tiny, about 5ft tall with silicone boobs, big nipples and a small but shapely arse.
She is attractive but her heavily photo shopped photos make her look early twenties, whereas in reality she looks about 35. She greeted me with a smile and welcomed me into her bedroom which is average sized with a decent bed, a small couch and a couple of large mirrors to admire the view.

After paying the fee she offered me a drink and then asked if I'd like a shower which I accepted. Back to the bedroom and we started kissing and then she dropped to her knees and started to give me a blowjob. She's got a good technique alternating between cock and balls with lots of eye contact. After a while I felt the sap rising and warned her I was about to come and then I delivered a load into her mouth while she carried on sucking.

She went to the bathroom to get rid of her mouthful and on returning asked if i would like a massage. Thai girls massage skills can be a bit hit or miss but Christy seems to know what she's doing as it felt good. After a while she asked me to turn over and then proceeded  to massage my cock back to life. I asked her to get on top of me and suck on my cock while I licked her pussy which was trimmed and tasted fresh.

It was time to fuck so on with the condom and she gently lowered herself onto my cock. Her pussy is tight so she rode me slowly in cowgirl. After several changes of position and lots of French kissing I finished with another CIM. Another quick shower and I was on my way on the hour.

So to summarise Christy is an attractive Thai Milf who provides a good GFE. She is friendly, has a good attitude and is responsive during sex. Definitely worth another visit.

Offline Dicky

I saw Christy 3 years back and she looked old and hence kept her room dark.  Her smile however is really nice. Her attitude too was extremely good...she was amongst the top fun punts I have had in London - laughing, joking and fucking...isnt that what one wants off a punt?  Her oral was very good and I liked anal with her as well. 

Offline jstrongerrrrr

Thanks for the review - totally agree - thought she was really enthusiastic, really willing to please - i tend to be one pop in an hour but she wouldn't let me leave until I came twice despite me saying it wasn't going to happen.
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Hey mate, great review. is she really as petite as stated? also any signs of a-levels on offer? I read she used to offer it.


Offline Muzmuz

Hey mate, great review. is she really as petite as stated? also any signs of a-levels on offer? I read she used to offer it.


Yes she's tiny. I don't know if she does a-levels though. I wasn't looking for it so I didn't ask.

Offline Sex man ju

Similar sentiments for me too.  Saw her around two years ago.  I find that oriental women do not seem to age in the way western women do - their body type helps too i guess. 

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 She's a lot older than her pics .  I was a bit shocked when she opened the door to me

I saw her October 31st and left a review on here.

Very polite and obliging. We tried a levels, but she couldn't manage it.

Uniform request was met and she is very tiny, but her tits look very fake so I haven't returned. If that doesn't bother you she's great.

She's a lot older than her pics .  I was a bit shocked when she opened the door to me

agreed,when she opened the door i thought it might have been a bait n switch.
her 1st set of pics are completely unrepresentative,
these for example

the 007 pics:
give a better idea but i still found her face was thinner,
older and more care worn.

Service was good and she's friendly with a good attitude.

Offline WhoIsThis

Same here. I saw Christie abour a year and a half ago and I too was shocked when she opened the door. I'd guess she's early 40s easily. But saying that, she has a nice little body (not counting the oversized, rock-hard fake tits), and I thought she was excellent. She won me over. She's SOOO tiny, but she has a lot of energy and enthusiasm, and is great fun. I had a grand old time. And her massage is sensational! Definitely worth a visit.

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