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From moby as usual any links appreciated.
Had been in contact with lana for a wee while taking her up on her £30 15 min taster offer although the offer has expired she still allowed it as I had been in contact previously before stopping the offer.
Comms good initially by awork then phone directed too lovely big flat in shawlands area.Parking was easy but was early evening probably wee bit harder through the day.On first appearances lana was absolutely lovely I'm shopping normally at the budget end of the market  and not usually faced with such a gorgeous little creature. Lana is maybe a little over 5 foot shoulder length dark hair peachy round ass and cute little tits for me very girl next door someone who doesn't fit the normal hoor criteria. She was by her own admittion very nervous she has only been doing this less than a fortnight so we had a wee blether well a big blether before beginning talking about her journey into the hooring game and how much thought and research she put in.Anyway down to the part all you fellow pervs want to hear about we started with some lovely dfk as I let my paws wander up her wee black mini to find her peachy ass and round to her brazilian trimmed pussy then removed top and aforementioned mini skirt to reveal a very sexy approx size 12 curvy little body. Removed my own clobber and lay on ma back to receive some quality owo span her juicy ass over to return the compliment a fresh meaty little pussy which I devoured .At this stage getting close to popping so turned her over she lay beside me I explored her pussy manually fingering her g spot which immediately bubbled up she stopped me saying that she has never been confident in letting that go but I'm sure she would soak the bed if she did .On with the safety gear and entered her missionary fucking tightest pussy I have felt since abba was number 1 so new I wouldn't last long asked her if she liked spunk a nod said yes so I pulled out bag off and gave her a fair old load over belly and tits which she scooped up and massaged onto her cute little face .Cleaned up in smart toilet with all products and fluffy  towels then had another elongated chat before leaving an extremely happy customer.
This was obviously unbelievable vfm which for me will still translate at 70hh to great vfm I'm sure 2 pops if required would not be a problem. I will most certainly be returning some unfinished business in the potential squirting department to be seen too lol

11 review(s) found for Lana Escort linked to in above post (10 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline Oscar13

Lana's a wonderful girl.  So caring, loving & warm.  Seen Lana recently.  Will definitely be seeing Lana again for sure.  Glad you had great fun. :cool: :cool: :cool:

Offline Courtney

...another girl that could do with some more/better pictures.

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