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Author Topic: Amelliex  (Read 2456 times)

Offline spiff

Ok just posted my review, but messed up put Edinburgh instead of Amelliex  :(

Offline ickydicky

Banning reason: Previously banned (stevieshake)

Offline spiff

No very good at multitasking, watching the football, having a beer and writing a review  :D

Offline ickydicky

Banning reason: Previously banned (stevieshake)

Offline auldie63

Far rather watch aw they young scantilly clad things running about the grass in south London.
Some o thae burds urnae bad luckin tae!

Offline Bluefin

I've visited a few times. I definitely done a review.  :unknown:

In short, I'd recommend  :thumbsup:

Youre right Pete I did a review too. Somehow they have all become seperated since she got a new profile.
She has 9 reviews on here, 4 from Edinburgh, 1 in dundee and 4 from her time in Bristol.
I really enjoyed my punt with her, and I thought her oral skills were excellent, probably the best Ive had.
Spiff, you're cock must be too big, she did say on her profile that anal was at discretion as she cant take any size!

Anyway here's the link to her other reviews, perhaps Admin could link them together as it is the same girl.

9 review(s) found for Cute Bristol Amelie linked to in above post (9 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

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