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Author Topic: Edensworld-Cardiff  (Read 1219 times)

Hi Edensworld, glad you could join us. Interesting you've just joined as this thread came up. I wonder who told you?

Anyway, I said I think you're cute and I like all different types of women. I certainly don't like druggies though and, from my limited punting, I haven't seen any sign of it with the women I've seen. I appreciate drugs features in prostitution sometimes but I don't think it's fair to label all prostitutes as druggies.

With regards to pricing, it's up to you what you advertise but I'm pretty certain there aren't many that would pay your advertised rates. Although that might be what you want?

Finally, good for you for being a mum and proud of it.

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A lot have paid my rates but I don't always advertise through AW.
AW is something that's fairly new to myself.

However much I choose to advertise for then that's my business. People can pay or not. It's not to say I'm not open to negotiation.

You have to take risks sometimes. I've only used the site a few times hence lack of feedback
 Not to say my inbox isn't full ! More emails  a different class of punter (hate that word)

Anyway thanks :)

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EW, I think you are portraying the stereotypical view that prostitue's are all drugged up, walking the street for there next fix, this is the ignorant view held by people who are not in the know. In the last two weeks I've seen a great girl from Bristol in a nice flat in a posh part of Cardiff, and a wonderful woman from Spain in a 5 star hotel in Bristol , and one of my favourite girls from neath way in a nice flat in Cardiff, part of a 3sum, all these girls are spotless and wonderfull ladies, I think I've met about 35 girls in my 18 months, some 5 or 6 times, all have been spotless and no drugs to my knowledge, so please realise there are some low life's out there, ( not necessarily the girls ) but by far the majority are nice girls like yourself, hard working and yes, a few that I've met have children which I know can be a challenge , so my respect for what you do to help give your child the things I know you , he / she  needs etc.

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Nice set of Tits

Also nice of you to post a face pic on a public forum, probably best to jump on UKE though ( link below)

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