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Author Topic: Edensworld-Cardiff  (Read 1208 times)


Anyone seen this one? Looks cute in an alternative way. Nice huge tits and mentions a previous profile.

Just a bit concerned that she could be on the larger side as only 4'11" and size 12. But has a decent list of filthy services.

Offline Redevil86

£200 an hour, one pic, no phone no, probably a scam ?

Hmm, good point. No aw positives either (although they're not worth a wank). Although she does have 2 face pics in her free gallery. Maybe just hanging out a high price to see if anyone bites? She mentioned a previous profile so wondered if anyone had seen her before. If the face pics are real (and reverse image search reveals nothing) then she's pretty distinctive.

I like an alternative / unusual looking woman sometimes  :wackogirl:

Offline Swansea lad

I met her off seeking arrangement about 8 weeks ago. Shes not the prettiest, slightly chubby but a good fuck and decent blowjob. She likes kissing and cuddling and is a really nice girl. She turned up late though but did text and keep me updated. I paid 150 for about 2 hours. She can take a pounding.

Thanks Swansea Lad, so she's definitely real then! Does she look just like her pics? How old would you say she is? Any anal? Is there a chance of a review?

And I can see her prices are bollocks then!


Offline Redevil86

She's not my type , but that's neither here nor there,  but that's just too much for someone who turns up late ! is chubby, not attactive, I don't need to go on ( no disrespect )  when I can see far better  for far less, is this a sign of things to come after the BREXIT vote ?

I'm not sure we'll see the effect of Brexit for a few years yet, if at all. And I respectfully disagree about attractiveness - I think she looks cute - each to their own. I do have an eclectic taste in women (a bit like my music collection!), I admit.

And, although she was late (I hate tardiness), she kept him updated and I presume he still got 2 hours for £150. That's pretty good value in my books.

Offline Redevil86

Fair points m8, just pointing out if you put all those things together you'd not expect £200 an hour at the bottom of the page so very few would then pay for the p g , so would't know what she looked like in the first place, plus if your information was solely off a w , you would't know she did 2 hours for £150 ( information off here ) and she may not wish that to be common knowledge as everyone will try to knock her down and those that don't get a similar discount will feel put out , so will either turn up with an attitude or not book as will feel, why should I pay more than joe blogs , just confuses stuff.
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True, we aren't a third world country and shouldn't have to barter like a Moroccan bazaar. However, I have learned that if you don't ask, you don't get (and often you ask and still don't get!). It would be much easier if prices were prices and that they are reasonable in the first place.

Another thing that gets me is credit card surcharge - but don't know any prossies that take cards yet  :lol: anyway, that's an entirely different conversation!

Offline Swansea lad

As i say i met her on SA, i offered her 150 and she accepted. I would say i paid a civvie for sex but shes obviously taken the next step to escorting.

At 150 for 2 hours i think i had a good deal but per hour i think shes more 120. I wouldnt give her 200.

Age anywhere from 21-25. Shes had a kid.

Lots of really good tongue kissing, give me owo a few times, i banged her hard for ages, lots of moaning and screaming noises but didnt complain once.

She wasnt keen on having anal but didnt say it wasnt possible.

Afterwards she laid on the bed chatting to me for ages, i kicked her out as i had to get home.

I messaged her asking for another meet but got quoted the 200 rubbish. Shes a nice girl but really values herself highly.

Shes into Doc Martins etc!

Offline Redevil86

So long as she did it for you S L , at £150 for two hours is damned good value as you say , lines have to be drawn when weighing up who to spend hard earned on £300 for 3sums , and about £150 ish is my tops, will not pay over that, with girls like sexy_Amy 5 mins from me at £100 an hour why the fuck would ( should ) I ?

Offline Swansea lad

I did book her in different circumstances to AW but since then have met a girl on SA who is cheaper,prettier,an even better fuck, likes kinky stuff and have no doubt i can find even better. The downside is lots of texting to arrange.

Offline Redevil86

I ( like most ) would love to dable  with S A but its the time it all takes, but if you get results, the time simply don't matter, a couple of text to arrange , turn up for an hour is as much time as I can afford to spend, but who knows !

I'd never heard of SA. It clearly works then! Is it just a bunch of women who pretend that they're not prossies but get paid for sex? If you've got to take them out to dinner and all that, then it sounds like a bit too much hard work.

Offline Redevil86

You been reading the SA tread on the main board, it's more about the chase and the tactics to make a killing, but very time consuming, but great fun, I've just not got the time as its right up my street, so deliberately staying off it.

Offline Swansea lad

Generally normal girls looking to boost income or have things bought for them.

Lot of dreamers on there though!

Offline Redevil86

Yes , all the texting often leads to nothing, but good when it comes off and you don't even know if she'll turn up when you've come to an arrangement ! But that's part of the fun ( I hear ! )

Offline Swansea lad

The problem you get on there is average looking girls wanting £500. You also get really pretty girls who will do all sorts for 120-150.
I do a copy and paste more or less for my first few messages. I only tried it because i was fed up of the poor offerings in my area on AW.

Sounds like a possibility. Are they upfront - ie cash for sex? Or have you got to pretend that you love them? Can't be bothered with all that. But I don't mind a bit of flirting to start with.

Offline Edensworld-

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Well this is in fact me :)
I am genuine.  I'm not scamming anyone. I'm just a decent girl who values herself highly. You're getting a different experience. If you want a cheap fuck then that's fine but who knows what you'll get at the end of it.
As for the "chubby"  comment that's fine haha. I am a little curvier than most of these heroin taking sluts BUT I'm real. I've had a child and I'm proud of my body. I don't put face pics up for everyone to view as I have a family.  I am on Seeking arrangement and AW. Yeah I have an alternative look but that's what makes me interesting. I do like to talk as it makes things easier for me I haven't always been comfortable escorting but it's not a bad thing. I put effort into what I do and the reason I'm so highly priced is because I value myself!

I'm not going to have unprotected sex for a measly £100 !!

I'd rather not have any business than sell myself for less.

:) I'm a genuinely lovely person and yeah I'm a size 12 may not be your skinny little thing but I'm confident in myself and I believe I am more than just a " pretty face"

The reason I don't have feedback is because I don't always do bookings via AW I do them privately. Plus it's a  relatively new profile I didn't update old one and disabled it as I didn't need to use it.

Thanks :)

Offline Redevil86

S E, if you've got a few evenings free read the thread on the main board seeking arrangements, about 250 pages now, I stopped for a few days at 150 and not cought up but does make interesting reading, went to a gig up north recently with a mate and his student girlfriend ( Thay know nothing of my hobby ) she made some clever comment during conversation about her mate got left money off guys for sex but she's not a prossy ! I said oh that will be S A , couple of my mates take them for coffee to see if Thay get on and if so sex occurs and Thay leave Money as Thay leave as a gift, not payment for sex , she clams up straight away,  she thought middle aged guy in car would have no idea what goes on, said a couple of thing that I'd read go on, so she'd know I at least knew what goes on , we was talking rock before I could finish my know it all speech ! I did chuckle woundering if she had done it and did't want to talk about it in front of my mate as he may put two and two together ?

Offline Edensworld-

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Offline Redevil86

Well welcome E W , I did't criticise you personaly , I don't think, you can charge what ever you like, it's for us to select what body shape etc we prefer, and what price we are willing to outlay for that girls services.  I prefer tall slim sexy ladies who do most things on my like's list like , anal, cim etc, etc, that's my choice, as I'm paying the money, to my knowledge none of the girls I see take drugs ,and would be offended to be called slutty by a fellow W G who does the same job, yes the same job as you do, I'm sure your a lovely girl , just like the girls I see and respect , which you should also respect, that doesn't paint you as a nice girl ! Your choice of words not mine.

Offline Edensworld-

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I just wanted to explain myself ! It's not nice reading stuff like that.  You like what you like that's absolutely fine but you shouldn't really speak about women this way.

Well I've met a few girls on there and most had a slight drug problem but that's personal experience.

I may "unattractive" to someone else but I am to the majority
 My personal life would say so :)

Theres nothing wrong with setting yourself a high price and many are willing or have paid it :) x

Offline Redevil86

this is a punting site where grown men talk about having sex with woman ( in my case ) up to 30 years younger than my self, it's great fun obviously, but to get the best out of the site , you can't go around being politically correct with every statement you make, it don't work like that , if you choose to come on here you will read things you won't like, it's as simple as that, please don't ask me not to speak of woman like this, I respect all you woman in this industry, I may have preferences but I'm not the one who said Thay are slutty and barebacking drugys , I'm sure you have a mirror, look long and hard. If I steal a mars bar or an Aston Martin , that makes me a thief, if you sell your self for 100 an hour on aw or 200 an hour on SA that makes you, you know where that's going, you need to get things straight in your mind before you a accuse others.

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