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Author Topic: Massage with HE and Mutual Massage  (Read 1481 times)

Offline scarebear


Looking for some assistance. Ive been a big fan of massage with HE and now have the idea to do a bit of mutual massage as well.

Ive looked on the massagetheuk site and come up with a couple suggestions from the site. Some of them dont have links to websites so could be suspect but i have come across the following ones and wondered if anyone had seen any of these or if you think they maybe legit or not? The websites (and a lot of the others) are laid out the same way, thats why i ask.



They are both expensive but if they offer what they promise, then for a 1 one off i wouldnt mind trying.

Any thoughts or suggestions?

This FBSM deal is full of potholes, there are a few SPs reviewed on here, with very mixed results, the best I had was here http://www.tantricmassagelondon.com/masseuses but it doesn't include the girl or girls getting on you while you are on your back and sliding around on you with your erection going into every crevice short of penetration in an oilfest, but you get hold of the girls. Maya's has mixed reviews and it's only very light touching on the girls http://london.backpage.com/BodyRubs/new-pictures-body-to-body-and-tantric-massage-by-european-ladies/12205165 and the most full on I've experienced was the dark haired one from Thelma & Louise http://www.b2b-massage.co.uk/#!/ but it's nearly a full service escort thing and more expensive and if you get the wrong girl it can be a shocker. This Serena got everybody on here excited, not seen a review yet http://www.b2bmassagelondon.co.uk good luck in your search.

Offline Monsieur69

I have massaged several fbsm suppliers over the past 5 years but can only give you one tip : YMMV Your mileage may vary. In fact your mileage will vary. What one lady will do with you or me is not the same as what she will do with someone else.
Some SPs never do anything other than what is mentioned in the profile. It can cost you a lot of money to continually get the "standard" service, It helps if you are clean, respectful at first and have a good body. For afficiandos of the fbsm scene the object of the exercise is to get more than anyone else gets. You may be successful you may not. For most punters it is of no interest all this messing about. Pay your money and shag a prossie. Job done. For some, however, it is a game and the thrill is in the chase. Up to you whether or not you want to play but have plenty of cash and plenty of patience.
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