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Author Topic: Anyone seen Ella at Lush yet  (Read 1544 times)

Offline cumtoplay

Not used this agency yet but they seem to be getting some talent on there....was waiting for Katy to reappear, however, Ella has a certain look and appeal.


Like the look of Kacey too

Offline Tricks

Looks like there are some tasty girls. My only concern is the extras when in the room.

I vote you take the plunge and let us know :P

Offline BP96

Ella looks nice.

With 48 posts and no reviews you've got to TOFTT this one for us mate.

Offline BP96

I've only seen Kelly from Lush and there were no extras (GFE, owo)

tried to book her last Monday but she was off sick this week. Have been told she is back next week though. I've booked Darcy instead http://www.lushleedsescorts.co.uk/darcy, she is really good looking and very pleasant...

Ella and Charlie is on my to do list :dancegirl:

Offline BP96

Is that a positive review for Darcy?

Stick it up in the review section mate even if it's a short review.

Offline cumtoplay

just been checking this weeks calendar...looks like most girls supposed to be available so may try my 1st booking with this agency & will feed back

surprised there's not more feedback reports on the agency

Offline cumtoplay

Disappeared from the site so didn't last long

i see she has re-appeared ? A returning student maybe-looks stunning !! surely somebody has had the pleasure ??

Offline overdone

I like the look of Ella's massive tits but she does look too Karen Gillian like - it'll be like wanking off to Amy Pond. But those tits are amazing. I also wants a bit of Jess, Kelly, Mia

Offline Paul1738

i see she has re-appeared ? A returning student maybe-looks stunning !! surely somebody has had the pleasure ??

Nicely spotted. Been keeping an eye on the website for her coming back. Not arsed for any of the others apart from Jess. Might have a look at Ella next week and hope she's still on the site.

Offline Paul1738

She's in the gallery, like she has been for months, but she's not down as available this week..

really tempted to go see Ella this afternoon - but i'm worried that it will be straight service no kissing etc. Anyone met her yet?

Offline Al1245

Mate there's only one way to find out. Book the appointment and before u hand the money across - make your terms clear. If she doesn't follow fella then just walk.

Let us know how you get on, I'm waiting to smash her back doors in too.

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