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Author Topic: Notes against my profile on AdultWork  (Read 673 times)

One of the ladies here offered to let us know if any 'hidden' comments were noted against our AW profiles!?

I am trying to get a RB appt and seems no interet and since flaming/emailing a time waster it appears it may have given her justification to do same :( - of course could just be paranoia ;)

Can one of you ladies check for me and let me know via pm,if I need to email you on AW for it to open up for you let me know your profile!

Thanks in advance :)

Offline James999

Just mail one of the pro$$es on AW that you know and ask them to check, remember they have to be verified ones though  :hi:

I know one recently offered here but cant find it - maybe in the old 'paid' section :)

I am sure one of our WGs will assist me - but on verification its useless especially when I have seen dates photoshopped  :dash:

Offline James999

I know verification is useless, but the AW profile has to be verified for them to check for you  :wackogirl:

If you are worried about the comments flip your profile to offering services and they will vanish  :D

Ty ladies now confirmed I am clean ;)

Offline swordfish

hiya - first post but ive been following this forum for a couple of years - not an experienced punter but I have had a few punts  :rolleyes:

have one tomorrow no feedback which is a minus but with the rinse/repeat of profiles is no biggie. Shes fit as a ... but i have had probs getting a decent one (up till now-hopefully) .. and was thinking it was because of previous communications with previous on AW cos they leave notes. Some right nutjobs on there and im not exactly normal  :dance:

True that u delete and redo in 1 month and your ip gets wiped or ?  .. im good with pcs so can sort that ....

With the trouble ive been having getting a decent babe sorted - and she seems to be (i got in before her prices rose - which is iffy tbh but shes great value ) - its either aw and its 10 million fakers or notes on the profile.

thanks in advance ..... and yes il link to the profile tomz if shes what she says she is  :P

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