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Author Topic: Fedan Sexy/Oriental Gorgeous - Holloway: The return  (Read 388 times)

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30 mins @ £60



I was in a mood to take a chance punt so decided once again to dip my hand in the mystery barrel of Fedan Sexy/Oriental Gorgeous.

Both profiles are clearly full of fake pics as it's a network of locations across London. I took a chance with this one last year and it came good, this time not so much.

Comms - Initial enquiry text got a standard “Just call when you’re at the location” reply. Decided to call straight away and spoke to the maid about seeing the girl at Holloway. It’s pointless asking what the girl looks like as the maid will lie through her teeth, promising a supermodel will be waiting for you. Set off fully prepared to walk If I didn’t like what I saw.

Location - Same dishevelled basement flat with a low ceiling and slight smell of damp. Entrance door on the high road next to a bus stop.

Arrived and called the maid again who asked me to wait 10 mins and the girl would be ready - no problem.

The girl - Opened the door and was greeted by a small Chinese woman about 5’2”. Tight short black dress, long jet black hair, high heels, shapely legs, anywhere between late 20’s - mid 30’s, passable looks but clean and very well presented. Not a bad start however it soon became apparent that she was straight off the boat - not one fucking word of English did she know. Actually she knew how to say “60”. I paid up and turned away to get undressed.

Fully disrobed I turned back to see the girl had also stripped but fuck, the subterfuge was now revealed! Without the nice dress and 4” heels I came face to face with an out of shape 30-something milf with a stretch marked pot belly and pan-flat butt. There I was bollock naked, £60 lighter and in no real position to ask for my money back and walk.

I lay face down on the bed for the obligatory crap massage where amusingly she spoke softly to me in Chinese as she went. Ten mins or so of this she got me to turn over and started OW. I shut my eyes and pictured Lucy Liu and it was all good. Eventually she signalled that she wanted mish and laid back on the bed, as I looked down at her I could feel my boner rapidly disappearing. I summoned my inner Quagmire and got to work.

To be fair she was actually a decent shag, when I didn’t have to look. I buried my face in the pillow and spent a good 15 mins like this, she was very inventive doing a lot of slow circular grinding and pulling me deep. The switch to doggy was tricky - I had to look. Once in position all was well and Lucy Liu was back in the building. No clock watching, was probably there for about 35-40 mins total.

2 review(s) found for fedansexy linked to in above post (1 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

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