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Author Topic: xx Katalina xx - Bounds Green  (Read 1948 times)

15 review(s) for xx Katalina xx (10 positive, 4 neutral, 1 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

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It has taken me a while of thinking before I actually get to write  a report on Katalina. I have been trying to see her for quite a while as she spends most of her time back at home and only comes to London for a week or two at a time.

It has been quite a tough decision whether I would give a neutral or a positive and after quite a bit of mind changing I made it a neutral, but moving towards the positive. I wouldn't give her a clear cut positive because in the hour I spent with her I managed to discover quite a few aspects of her character. I still recognise the importance of these reviews as somebody's income depend on these, and she herself told me that she does care a lot about her reputation. She certainly was not a negative.

This is a punt that started brilliantly and then turned south but then I managed to salvage and at least we parted in good terms. My first impressions when I saw her was that she is a stunner. Looks better than her photos, pretty face, beautiful eyes, body to die for if small boobs don't turn you off. The girl that if you saw her in a night club you would certainly go for.

After paperwork and explanation of dos and don'ts, we got into it. First point to make here is that Katalina gives you an escort experience and not a GFE. She is quite mechanical and uses those fake moans, yet she does get wet. I guess being only 28 she is in the stage that looks will start declining at some point and more effort will be needed from her in the future if she doesn't want to go downhill.

Having said that, the punt started really well. I was lost in her DFK and OWO as we were undressing each other and I kept thinking to my self am I really going to fuck this little gem? We got into bed and started going at it. For some reason I had decided that I wanted to do this punt on a single pop strategy , and I wanted to use almost the whole hour booked with one long fuck. This meant that I was quite slow and sensual to start with. We changed and few positions, but about 25 minutes later I could tell that she was losing patience. She really wanted me to cum earlier, got frustrated about it, and showed huge signs of temper. When this happens in my case, general snake calls it a day. Me getting soft seemed to piss her off even more and started telling me things like "don't you find me attractive?". After that there was no point trying any more, I came off her and I told her it is fine, and we just started a chat. I tend to have a calming effect on people, so she relaxed and we had a nice chat after that, talking about things in general.

Katalina is a bit of a wild girl, very feisty character, the girl with the bitchy looks that you want to tame. She is in a long term relationship and she has to separate client sex and boyfriend sex, therefore she cannot offer a genuine GFE even if she wanted to. The days she spends here are on the strict purpose of working and she sees her punts as strictly business (when there are WG that seem to enjoy their punts). She does enjoy them, but not as much, and she rarely has an orgasm with a client, yet it is possible. She has to stay for short periods of time though, because when she starts losing her patience with the punters, she calls it a day and goes home, only to return a month or so later...

Would I see her again? Yes I would, but mainly for her looks and if I feel like a having one of those passionless hard fucks. Not for the GFE though. I would still recommend her but with caution. She is a tough character, but if you do things in her terms, a good punt can come out of it.

15 review(s) found for xx Katalina xx linked to in above post (10 positive, 4 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline Cunning Punt

Great detailed, balanced and perceptive review. Very useful as she' been on my HL for ages but is almost 2hrs away.

Given she has been around for some time and is so hot, it seems surprising that she was still £80ph, but going on your experience and her apparent attitude, perhaps it isn't.

I couldn't give a shit whether an escort has a partner but the fact is that some who do, do hold back in their service exactly as you say - both in lack of GFE and not really wanting to have an orgasm with clients.

Neutral sounds about right. Thanks.

I saw her twice, a few years ago and I think you have summarised her very well.
Yes, the boyfriend thing, I didn’t entirely understand.
I found her Sexy as hell but I could see her “edginess” and control so didn’t challenge her and really enjoyed myself.

Offline brolin_76

my experience was totally negative.her BJ was toothy, I will never see her. :thumbsdown:

my experience was totally negative.her BJ was toothy, I will never see her. :thumbsdown:

BJ was nice, but did notice her toothiness when she started losing it. Very temperamental girl.

Offline brolin_76

BJ was nice, but did notice her toothiness when she started losing it. Very temperamental girl.

very moody can change her mind instantly. :thumbsdown:

Offline beachtest

I found her cum twice only policy made me not want to return

Offline LL

Not many girls will let you fuck them for the whole hour solid - I.e pacing yourself and fucking slow for 50+ minutes then popping once. If that's what the OP was trying to do then perhaps his expectations are too high. Xena let me do it, and I expect Cindy would too (if I could afford it :)). However all that said when I met Katalina I only booked 30 minutes and aimed to last the whole time. She was nagging me to cum after 15 minutes - so I agree that she's not a girl who has a lot of stamina and patience.

Offline Cunning Punt

I found her cum twice only policy made me not want to return

Only twice?!

Seems enough to me.. in an hour... for £80! But fair play to the superhuman punters who can keep on popping.

Offline G.Raff

Great review, it pretty much describes what Katalina is like. I had a similar experience (saw her about a year ago) when she became impatient which made me lose my mojo. Also she has piercing in her clit/pussy and didn't like it when I (gently) tried to touch her down there.
She can be in your face and abrupt in a EE sort of way, which I personally found off putting, couple this with her mechanical approach means that I wouldn't go back.
Having said that I can see why so many others do like her + she's great VFM.

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