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Author Topic: Renata - HOD2 Victoria  (Read 693 times)

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Offline Integral

The last of my “London Adventure Weekend” punts (chronologically) and a lot of fun to finish, especially as I’d been let down by my Plan A that day. This is one I definitely walked away from with a grin on my face.  :D

This is a review of a HOD girl and so maybe only of value to those who are a fan of the HOD setup.

As far as I know Renata has been reviewed twice on UKP (links below), but there might be another one or two I’ve missed.


And her profile on the HOD site: http://www.houseofdivine.com/miltonkeynesescortandlondonescort.php?girlid=2823

Just The Facts Ma’am

* Type & Price: HOD2 (Victoria), 1h, £130.

* Booking & Comms: Telephone call to friendly and helpful receptionist Cath (who I fancy the arse off of for some strange reason, but who doesn’t work herself   :blush: ), appointment made with no proplems.

* Venue: HOD2, 5 min walk from Victoria station.

* Services: DFK, OWO (with DT), CIM & Swallow, RO (w/fingers & toys), rimming (on her), bit of light spanking on her, and attempted finger-up-the-bum (see below).  Anal was offered (at + £40) but not taken up.

There’s No Accounting For Taste

No real point in describing the HOD2 setup, its well documented in other reviews.

I booked Renata due to her extensive likes list and because I seemed to remember reading a positive UKP review a while back. Renata opened the door to the basement flat herself and asked my name, confirming with a smile that “oh, you are mine then”. She led me through to one of the HOD2 bedrooms and offered me a cold drink.

This is only the second time I’ve visited HOD and both girls I’ve seen look almost nothing like their pictures on the site. In Renata’s case she looks a lot younger in the flesh than she does in the pictures (I’d say mid-20’s is right), and is much “fairer” and more freckled in real like (HOD photoshop obsession strikes again). I found her to be very pretty and a real “girl next door” in appearance. She is tall (5’9”-10”) and very curvy and well proportioned. I’d say she is closer to a size 12 than 10, but I didn’t have a problem with this. She also very large (much more than a handful) natural breasts that were very soft (I liked them a lot, but can see how some would describe them as a bit droopy), with prominent and responsive nipples. She had a tidy pussy and although she was fully shaven there was a bit of stubble present.

She had a really fun and “genuine” manner about her and was surprisingly funny, with excellent (although not perfect) English. She is Lithuanian but speaks Russian (long story, which I’m sure she will be happy to tell you herself). She was really accommodating and friendly and was fun and easy to chat to (absolutely no awkwardness or communication problems). She has an almost “mockney-chav with a Russian accent” thing going on, and I found her really natural and sexy.

She was happy to DFK (lots of tongue action in both directions), and liked having her tits licked and squeezed. She really liked RO & rimming and got very wet. It’s very unusual in my experience for a parlour girl to come close to orgasm, but surprisingly a combination of licking, fingering, nipple playing and with the assistance of a small toy she seemed to genuinely cum after an extended RO session to my immense satisfaction!  :cool: She then gave me a truly fantastic blowjob, lots and lots of spit, really worked the bell-end, balls and shaft, varied pressure, used her hands creatively (and for an extended period not at all) etc. She did DT at points too. I have to say this was another “top 5” blowjob, truly fantastic, and she even tried to put a finger up my bum-hole for a bit of prostate stimulation (very much not my thing, so my arse cheeks stayed clamped together  :D). I came in her mouth and she swallowed enthusiastically (and noisily).

Oddly enough, for the second time in the weekend I didn’t feel up to actual penetration after a “mega blowjob” and we spent that last 10 minutes of the hour having a friendly laugh interspersed with some more natural-feeling DFK and caressing.

All in all a tremendous afternoon of fun, with a versatile, genuine and voluptuous girl.

Scores On The Doors

* Face: 7.5/10

* Body: 7.5/10 (very curvy and soft, adjust as per your taste if you like gym bunnies or very slim girls)

* Attitude: 10/10

* Accuracy To Profile: 6/10 (In terms of pictures. Description/services was probably 9/10. I’m coming to expect this of HOD).

* Overall: 8.5/10

* Would See Again: Yes.

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