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Author Topic: Oriental Harrow - Kenton  (Read 827 times)

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Offline drooot

Booking - 22/06/2016
Location - 5 min walk from Northwick Park station or 2 mins from Kenton
Time spent - 1 hour from entrance to exit including a 5 min shower.
Cost - £90 + £10 for OWO
Profile - https://www.adultwork.com/3561490 or https://www.adultwork.com/Oriental+++Harrow

Background - This is the second review I have made as I'm not a regular punter, only when I have an itch that needs scratching.


- Comms good, I called her, arrange a time and then sent her a text asking for the postcode which she replied to straight way.

- Location is easily accessible by public transport and relatively easy to find, although I did have to call her to find the door as she is located on top of a shop.

- Her male translator/security was friendly, smiled and didn't make me feel intimidated. Told him I wanted full service with OWO and paid an extra £10 as expected.

- Good massage, none of that 'sensual' light touching bullshit and I made sure she gave the hammys some extra attention as they were sore from a heavy leg session the day before. It was a real pillow biting moment but no pillows were bitten.

- When her vag contracted it felt like my dick was in a vice


- Asked to shower before we started, she lead me to a clean bathroom and took a towel from behind the door and told me I should use the other one... I'm pretty sure the towel wasn't fresh.

- She is pretty with a petite body which I liked although she is not 23, probably in her early 30s (definitely not the girl from the picture). Her teeth are unpleasant, she had underarm hair and pubes. Luckily there was 'mood lighting' and she was generally good at keeping her flaws hidden so I was able to carry on. 

- I usually like to get the first of 2 nuts out the way quickly but when I asked if I could cum more than the once, she seemed to not understand. At this point my clothes were off and I didn't want the translator in the room, so I presumed I only had the 1 and I was determined to make it count. After about 5 mins she kept making gestures that she wanted me to finish but I wasn't ready, so we tried different positions even after gesturing that her stomach was hurting. Total time about 15 mins (there is a clock on the wall) and then she offered to give me a massage for the remainder of the hour.


- Her English skills made me realise how bad I am at charades, she didn't even know the basics.

- I opted for the OWO but as soon as I saw her reach for the mouthwash I knew I fucked up. Nonetheless, I paid for it so I tried to power through the minty sensation combined with teeth action for as long as I could.

- I asked her for a body to body massage (listed on her profile) after I popped but she gestured that she didn't understand so I settled for the regular massage which to be fair was very well done - front, back, arms, hands and feet.

Would I see again? No.
Would I recommend? Maybe, if you are looking for a quick fuck in different positions and a good massage thereafter but skip the oral.

1 review(s) found for Oriental   Harrow linked to in above post (0 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

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